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 White Hart

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Kelgrinn Krusader

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PostSubject: White Hart   White Hart Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 5:20 pm

Ship Name: White Hart

Crew name/Owner: Adezlan Kel

Side: Independent (Check Adezlan's history.)

Ship type: Caravel

Outer description: The White Hart is moderately large sailing ship. Its name comes from the figurehead of the vessel. The figurehead is that of an elaborately carved stag's head with a large rack of antlers. The entire figurehead is painted white.

There are three main decks on the ship. The first deck is on the ship's bow. It is higher than the middle deck and can be reached by walking up a short staircase. The second deck is the middle deck. The middle deck is the lowest of the three decks in elevation. There are four cannons on the middle deck. Two are placed on either side of the deck. The third deck is the highest in elevation. The top of the third deck can be reached by going up a staircase. On top of the third deck is the ship's helm, which consists of a wheel.

Inner description: Below the first deck is a storage room. This storage room is where the gunpowder and cannonballs are stored along with any other necessary equipment. It is also the location of the main forward cannon, which sticks out of a porthole at the very front of the ship. Lastly, it is the location of the ship's anchor. Directly behind the helm on the third deck is a small room that is used as the ship's kitchen and dining area. Below the deck are two rooms placed side-by-side. The rooms are used as cabins, one for women and the other for men. There is a bathroom at the back of each of the cabins.

History: This ship used to belong to Adezlan Kel's father. His father bought it back when he was still working for the Marines and had been making a good bit of money. He originally planned on presenting it to his wife as a gift, but she passed away before his plans could come to fruition. After she died, he left the Marines and he started traveling on the ship together with his son. When he and Adezlan separated, he left the ship with Adezlan and it has continued to be Adezlan's main method of traveling across the ocean ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: White Hart   White Hart Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2014 6:50 pm

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White Hart
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