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 The Blazing Bark

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PostSubject: The Blazing Bark   The Blazing Bark Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 4:25 am

Ship Name: The Blazing Bark

Crew name/Owner: the Phoenix wing pirates.

Side: Pirate

Ship type: Barque

Outer description: it is a moderate-sized ship capable of being manned by three men at minimum, and capable of holding as many as 50 man comfortably, and over 300 cramped. It has four masts (two at the rear as slightly acute angles as to not touch each other, the main mast, and a smaller mast in front of the main as to improve control). The sails are black and red, and has the jolly roger on each of its sails. It is loaded with 20 cannons, 8 on both sides, two in the front, and two in the rear.

Inner description: The lower decks have three floors: two for housing, and one for storage. The storage is also used to help keep the boat afloat through water displacement. The captains quarters is right above the kitchen, and just below the captains quarters in the infirmary. The housing and storage floors are made to be easily rearranged at the owner's convenience. All wood inside and out of the ship is made of finished mahogany and ceramic glass coatings, layered over one another as to make the ship completely fire-proof, lightning proof, and resistant to ignition-based explosives.

History: The initial frame was stolen by Susanoo Alexander, but was later improved and repaired by him as a testament to his former captain's new alliance.
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The Blazing Bark
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