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 Demonic Guardians

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Kelgrinn Krusader

Kelgrinn Krusader

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PostSubject: Demonic Guardians   Demonic Guardians Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 7:52 pm

Crew Name: Demonic Guardians
Captain: Adezlan Kel
Flag: The entire flag is colored black. At the top of the flag, in white letters, is the word 'True'. Underneath that word is a pair of glaring, red eyes. Beneath the eyes is the word 'Justice', written also in white.
Ship: White Hart
Side: Independent (They operate on their own, however they are not pirates.)
Current Members:

1. Adezlan Kel; Captain

2. Azure; Shipwright

Crew Goals:

Adezlan: To make a name for himself so that he can join the Marines under his own terms. To become the Fleet Admiral of the Marines. To remove the Absolute Justice ideology and replace it with his True Justice.

Azure: To invent something revolutionary that will change the entire world.
To bring an end to the pirates who destroyed Sunshine Isle.

Crew History: This crew was formed by Adezlan Kel to accomplish his goal of spreading True Justice to the Marines. After training on his own for several years, Adezlan has finally decided that it is time for him to make his first move.
Expecting new members: Yes. Keep in mind that while this crew will become a Marine crew eventually, we have not reached that point yet. So members should NOT be Marines yet unless they have a very good reason for being there.
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Demonic Guardians TrXR9mg
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Demonic Guardians
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