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PostSubject: Adezlan Kel   Adezlan Kel Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 7:08 pm

Name: Adezlan Kel

Age: 20

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Independent (Not a pirate. See History.)

Home Village/Ocean: Pano Village/South Blue

Appearance: Dez is an adult, human male. He stands at six feet and four inches tall. He weighs about one hundred and ninety pounds. His skin is slightly darker than that of Caucasians and is more similar to that of Native Americans. He has medium-length, spiky, jet black hair. His eyes are bright red. He is powerfully built with broad shoulders and a well-toned physique. Despite his height and muscular form, he does not look like an oversized bodybuilder. The muscle he possesses is purely trained for strength, not size. He has several, small scars across his body. For the most part, the scars on his chest, arms, and legs are hidden by his clothing. However, he has two visible scars on his face. The first starts a couple of inches above his right eye and ends about the same distance below it. It looks almost like someone tried to slash his eye, but his eye is undamaged. His second scar is on his lower left cheek. It is technically composed of two scars, but both are small and they cross each other in an X shape.

While in his ifrit form, Dez's appearance changes significantly. First, he grows a foot taller making him seven feet and four inches tall. His dark hair does not change color, since it is already black, but it grows long enough that it hangs halfway down his back. His skin darkens a little further and gains a reddish tint. Two large, horns grow out of the top of his head and curl backwards with their points aiming behind him. The horns are gray. His ears gain about an inch in length and become pointed instead of round on top. His eyes change to yellow and lose their pupils and irises. His teeth grow slightly longer and become pointed. His fingers grow slightly longer and become clawed. The claws are gray. A pair of black, scaly wings erupt from his shoulder blades. These wings are each about seven feet long, giving him a fourteen-foot wingspan. The edges of the wings are tipped with short spikes. Lastly, he grows a four foot long, forked tail and it pokes its way up out of the top of the back of his pants. The tail is slim, but is quite powerful in spite of that. It is jet black.

Dez usually dresses in light, loose clothing. This is so that when he uses his fruit power and grows larger, he will still fit his clothes. His day-to-day outfit typically consists of just a vest and pants. The pants he always wears no matter what form he is in. The vest he will discard before transforming so that his wings will not rip it apart. In cooler weather he would trade his vest for a coat and would put on boots, both which he would remove before transforming for the same aforementioned reasons. The only ornament he wears is a cuff earring that fits over the top of his right ear. When he transforms the earring moves when his ear grows and it sits next to the point at the top. The earring is a simple band that wraps over his ear.

History: Dez was born in Pano Village, a small settlement deep within the South Blue. The town was primarily a farming village and had virtually no dealings with the rest of the world. Dez's parents had chosen the location because it was so far out of the way and they didn't want to attract attention. At the time, Dez's father was a Marine who had achieved the rank of Rear Admiral while his mother was a former revolutionary. After his parents had fallen in love and were married, they knew that they would have to keep his mother's identity a secret. Dez's father decided he would stay on as a Marine, but he requested a transfer to a Marine base close to their new home. His transfer was granted, though since he was such a high ranking officer, he was required to monitor several other bases in the area. That meant that he was oftentimes away for days, sometimes even weeks, at a time.

For a while, things worked out for them. Three years after they moved to the island, Dez was born. He was an enthusiastic and inquisitive child. From a young age, he idolized the Marines. They protected people and brought swift justice to those who deserved it. In his eyes, they were the greatest organization in the world. Strangely enough, his mother did not seem to like them very much. In fact, Dez heard his mother speak vehemently about them a few times, but he didn't let it bother him too much. After all, his father was one of them and his mother loved his father so obviously the Marines weren't as bad as she seemed to think they were.

Up until the age of five, Dez's life was mostly normal. He made a lot of friends and he dreamed that one day he would become a Marine like his father. Things first started to change when his mother announced that she was pregnant again. Dez was overjoyed to learn that soon he would have a brother or sister to play with. His excitement was nothing compared to his father's, however. His father was ecstatic and when he was in town, Dez overheard him telling everyone he encountered about his wife's pregnancy. While Dez was initially a little put out by his father's overwhelming excitement, his mother assured him that his father had acted the same way when she was pregnant for him. She told Dez that no matter what happened, his father would love him just as much as Dez's new sibling. Three weeks after she told Dez this, she became very ill. At the time, Dez's father was away and Dez had no way of getting in contact with him. Five days after the illness first appeared, Dez's mother passed away with him sitting at her side, holding her hand and weeping. When Dez's father finally received word of what had happened, he hurried back to the island, but his wife had already been dead for two days and Dez had locked himself in his room, never leaving it, not even to eat or drink. Dez just sat in a corner of the room, staring at the wall. He did not speak, he did not even move except to blink. At first, Dez's father left him there. His own grief weighed heavily on his heart. Eventually, though, he went into Dez's room and carried him to the kitchen. He forced him to eat something and then left to make arrangements for his wife's funeral. When he returned a few hours later, he was different. Dez didn't notice it at first. He was still in shock over the whole ordeal. However, a few days later, after the funeral had been held, he began to notice something was strange. His father did not seem sad. In fact, he never once cried during the funeral. Instead, he kept a stoic expression on at all times. Once, Dez saw the mask slip and he could see in his father's eyes a brutal hatred that he had never seen before, not even when his mother was talking about Marines. A few days after the funeral, Dez's father left Dez in the care of their neighbors and left the island. He was gone for almost two weeks before he returned and told his son that he had resigned from the Marines. The next day, he ordered Dez to pack what belongings he could carry and to meet him outside. When Dez was ready, his father led him to a secret cove that was on the opposite side of island from the town. There he showed Dez a ship. The ship was a caravel that Dez's father had named the White Hart. They boarded the ship and set sail. Dez did glance back at the island of his birth once, but he noticed that his father never looked back.

The next ten years were the worst in Dez's life. During those ten, long years, he and his father traveled, seemingly aimlessly, across the ocean. Dez thought his father was looking for something, but the few times he asked his father about it, he received no answer. Soon, he learned not to ask. Their lives were not easy. His father, who had always told Dez to wait until he was older to start on combat training, was now pressuring Dez to become stronger. Sometimes, his methods were brutal. Once he gave Dez an hour-long crash course on surviving in the wild and then left him by himself on an island for a month with nothing but a knife. Another time, after a particularly exhausting training session, he dumped Dez into a pit with wolves he had captured and starved for several days. Dez learned quickly not to complain and as the years passed, his personality changed drastically. He became quieter and more withdrawn. He only spoke in response to questions or commands and he never asked his father anything except when he wanted to clarify a detail.

Dez survived and the training worked. He had become quite strong and while he could still not match his father's skill, his father told him that he was almost on par with the average Marine Captain. His father then went on to say that this wasn't much of an achievement since most captains were pushovers and only a select few truly excelled. He told Dez that he would face one final test before he was ready. Dez did not ask what his father meant by 'ready' and his father did not explain it to him. Instead he instructed Dez to swim to the island they were anchored by. Once there, Dez was to track at least one of the giant wolves that lived on the island and kill it. Next he would swim ten miles to another island his father had already shown him and collect a basilisk egg. After that, he would carry the egg up the mountain that was on the island. There he would find his father and he would cook the egg for their breakfast. If that wasn't enough, there was a time limit to the whole ordeal. Dez had only twenty-four hours to accomplish all of the tasks.

Fortunately for Dez, each of the tasks went according to plan. Since the wolves on the first island traveled in packs, Dez ended up killing three of them. He cut off one's tail to take as proof and began his long swim. By the time he reached the second island, he had only two hours left. He quickly located the basilisk's nest, defeated the creature, and took one of its eggs. He made it to the top of the mountain with only seconds to spare. His father told him to toss the egg back down the mountain, since according to him they didn't make good eating anyway. He had already made breakfast for them and so the two of them sat down together to eat. While they were eating, Dez's father said that he was finally going to tell him what had really happened to his mother. This surprised Dez, but as was now his habit, he stayed quiet and listened. His father explained that while he had been preparing for her funeral he had found something wrong with his wife's body. The doctors had told him that her death had come about because of a new disease no one had ever heard of, but he thought there was something more to it. So he had left Dez and went looking for answers. After almost two weeks of searching, an informant told him that the Marines had discovered the true identity of his wife: That she had been a revolutionary. However, they were unwilling to lose a valuable soldier over her, so they had her secretly poisoned until she finally died. Of course, Dez's father was sickened by the revelation and so he had quit the Marines. There hadn't been much of a need for him to leave the island, but he told Dez that he left so that he could find and join the revolutionary army. He wanted to strike back at the government for their crime and take vengeance for his wife. He told Dez that they would both be joining the revolutionaries, which was why he had trained Dez so vigorously for the last ten years. Stunned by these revelations, Dez could only stare at his father in shock for a few seconds. Then, he did something he had not done in almost ten years: He argued. He agreed that what the Marines had done was horrible and needed to be punished, but he didn't think joining the revolutionaries was the way to do it. While he understood why the revolutionaries did what they did, he thought it was too risky of an approach and that innocent people could easily get caught in the crossfire. There was no point in solving a problem if they became the problem. His father couldn't believe his son was actually speaking out against him and their argument quickly grew heated. When Dez continued to flat out refuse his father's decision, they actually came to blows. It was no contest and Dez was easily beaten. After coming to his senses, his father regretted what he had done and he told Dez that they would part ways. He had discovered the location of the revolutionary army and had been in contact with them for the last few months. He was going to take one of the rowboats from the White Hart and go and join them. He told Dez to keep the White Hart and use it as his home until he could decide what he would do next with his life. With that, he abandoned Dez on the top of the mountain and Dez has not seen him since.

Dez remained faithful to his convictions. He still wanted to become a Marine, but now he wanted to do it so that he could change them. He decided that he will make Absolute Justice a thing of the past and bring about a new era for the world. One where everyone is treated justly no matter who they are. He knew it would be a long road, but he was prepared to do whatever it took to make his dream a reality.

Only a year after separating from his father, Dez was on an island training. As he fought the swarms of beasts on the island, he found himself stranded with no food and no way of returning to his ship in time to get something to eat. Starving and near death, he found a very strange looking fruit. Thinking that he had nothing to lose, he ate it. With that, he became a devil fruit user. It did not take him long to realize what had happened. He ended up stepping into a pool of water that came up to his waist and he felt strangely weak. He could still stand and walk around, of course, but it was as if some force was weighing him down. He soon discovered his new powers and began training with them, supplementing his existent fighting style with the fruit's powers.

As the years continued to slip on by, Dez became a force to be reckoned with. He only fought when he deemed it necessary, but word of his strength still made its way throughout the South Blue. So far he has managed to avoid picking up a bounty, although he has punched more than one Marine in the jaw. At long last, at the age of twenty, Dez has decided to make his first move. While he still has plenty of room to grow in strength, he is going to start gathering a crew to try and make his dreams a reality.

Personality: Dez has a rather quiet and unassuming personality. However, he is by no means shy. In fact, he is usually quite blunt when he does speak. He simply doesn't talk unless he thinks he has a good reason to do so. If someone speaks to him, he is polite and will give a reply, but no more than he deems necessary. In part he is this way because he prefers not to speak and draw attention to himself. However, he is slightly self-conscious of his height and knows it alone attracts more attention than he wants, but he tries not to let it bother him too much. He also doesn't smile often. The few times he does smile are when he is in a state of perfect happiness.

Due to his devil fruit ability, Dez is easily aggravated when he is using it. He becomes loud and angry, the complete opposite of his normal personality. Since he can control his fruit better when he remains focused, he spends much of his free time trying to keep himself calm so that, in the event he must fight, he will enter his devil fruit form with a calmer state of mind. His favorite method of calming himself is fishing. He does so with a pole that has no hook. While the act of fishing calms him, actually getting a fish excites him and in his mind, that is counterproductive. This odd reasoning sometimes leads him to fish out of absurd locations to ensure he catches nothing. His second favorite way of keeping himself calm is exercising. While this method doesn't work quite as well, he still does it frequently to keep himself fit.

Dez is extremely idealistic and will argue his point fiercely (or at least his version of fierce) when he is challenged. His views are a bit messy and complicated, leaving him with few allies and plenty of enemies. Some of his views are as follows: He believes that the current state of the Marine system is flawed, but is very close to the correct method of dealing with pirates. He hates the concept of absolute justice, but acknowledges that he must sometimes be ruthless in his dealings with both pirates and Marines. He agrees with many of the ideologies that revolutionaries possess, but disagrees with their method of enforcing their views. He is perfectly willing to fight against Marines to expose them if their methods prove corrupt.

His ideology ultimately centers around one unified concept which he calls True Justice. He believes that justice does not rely on individual perceptions, but that there is a right way to handle any situation. He is still working out what exactly is right and wrong and he will openly admit that he is not the smartest person in the world, but he thinks that with time and experience, he will find the answer to how the Marines, and the world at large, should truly operate.

Ship: White Hart

Ship Flag: The entire flag is colored black. At the top of the flag, in white letters, is the word 'True'. Underneath that word is a pair of glaring, red eyes. Beneath the eyes is the word 'Justice', written also in white.

Devil Fruit: Oni Oni no Mi; Model: Ifrit
Type: Mythical Zoan
Effect: This fruit allows its user to become an ifrit.

Special Abilities:

Basic Survival Knowledge: Due to his extensive training, Dez has basic knowledge in the areas of cooking, navigation, and first aid. He cannot compare to a professional in any of these areas, but his skills are adequate.

Twelve Points Style: Dez's fighting style is a mixture of brute force and speed with twelve points of contact. Those points are his arms, elbows, knees, legs, head, wings, and tail.

Learned Techniques:

1. Blaze Shot: While his hands are ignited, Dez throws a punch at his opponent.

2. Underworld Lance: While his hands are ignited, Dez thrusts his claws at his enemy. This is primarily a piercing attack. If Dez manages to stab his fingers into an enemy, he will usually shoot fire out of his fingertips to cause internal damage.

3. Burning Talon: While his hands are ignited, Dez slashes at his enemies with his claws.

4. Flaming Ram: Dez flies towards his enemy while shooting fire from his hands behind him like rockets. This provides him with a slight boost in speed. As he charges towards his enemy he lowers his head and tries to ram them with his horns.

5. Demon Strike: Dez strikes with one of his elbows.

6. Imp Trick: Dez strikes with one of his knees.

7. Hellfire Burst: Dez shoots a burst of fire from one of his hands.

8. Hellfire Wave: Dez shoots a massive, combined stream of fire from both of his hands. If he tries to use this attack while flying through the air, the knockback will throw him off balance unless he stays in place.

9. Armored Blades: Dez slashes at his enemy with the spikes on his wings. Due to the toughness of the scales on his wings, he can use them to clash with bladed weapons like swords.

10. Armored Barrier: Dez moves his wings into the path of a strike. The scales on his wings are tough and can withstand the same amount of power as a tekkai.

11. Aerial Spear: Dez launches a straight kick.

12. Sky Drop: As he is falling towards his enemy, Dez tries to land an axe kick.


Fishing Pole: An ordinary fishing pole he carries with him everywhere. The only strange thing about it is that it doesn't have a hook.

1. To make a name for himself so that he can join the Marines under his own terms.
2. To become the Fleet Admiral of the Marines.
3. To remove the Absolute Justice ideology and replace it with his True Justice.
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