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 Jack 'O' Lantern

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Karasu(the crow)

Karasu(the crow)

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PostSubject: Jack 'O' Lantern    Jack 'O' Lantern  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 3:00 am

-Simple Information-
Name: Jack ‘O’ Lantern
Also known as: The Pumpkin King
Age: 21
Species: Human
Gender: Heterosexual, Male

Loyalty: Pirate
Affiliation: None atm
Occupation: Shipwright
Bounty: 0 Belli.
Specialty: Scythe Fighting
Goals: To enjoy pumpkins forever
Funds: 2,000,000 belli
Level: 0
Posts till next level: 0/15

-Appearance information-
Physical appearance:

Body: Jack is muscular, but to an extent. His body has many muscles, and they do show themselves, but they don’t penetrate his body like most body builders. He is well toned but not enough to show unless he wore a very tight shirt. He is hyposthenic, in other words. Jack is 6’5” and 175ib. His skin is pale compared to most people; he almost looks like a ghost. His knuckles are especially shown whenever he closes his fist. His arm length, like most people, is equal to his height. He has eight total noticeable abdominal muscles, or four pairs, moving down his abdomen.  

Face: Jack’s face looks very delicate. His eyes are usually half closed, but even when opened they never look round. His eyes are more horizontal then they are round. His eyebrows are very thin compared to most men, and move from the top of his eyes and curve in the edges. His jaw isn't very defined, but he is thin so the shape is definitely there. His lips are bigger than the average person’s, but not by much. His nose is average sized, but more triangular then round. His nostrils are more vertical then round, since they accompany the nose by sticking out (the nose is small). His eye color is light green.

Hair: Jack’s hair is pure black in color. The length of his head’s hair goes down to his jawline, and it’s naturally messy and spike in the ends. The ends of the hair, even when lowered down to the jawline, are very thin at the tip; the hairs look spiky. The hairs naturally separate when it’s lowered to the haw line. Jack also has his hair permanently highlighted; he can change the color of the hair depending on the thread. If he’s in a city he can change his hair color with a barber, if he’s in the ship he’s stuck with whatever hair color he had previously. His usual highlights are light orange and move from the top of his head down to the bottom tip. Jack doesn’t have facial hair, or body hair.

Non visual information: Jack doesn’t talk, he’s almost a mute, but when he does talk it sounds almost gentle or confused. Jack usually smells like sweet pumpkins, and if bit almost tastes like one as well. Jack's composure is a little different to say the least; he stands up straight and tilts his head to one side like he were attempting to look at something sideways. In most cases, when Jack speaks, he's whispering in his low tone.

Extra features: Jack doesn't have scars or tattoos.

Clothing: Jack has three outfits, but they all follow the same weird style that Jack prefers. The first style is a long sleeved white shirt with orange stripes moving down the sleeves and ‘through’ the shirt horizontally. He usually has a black jacket with this long sleeved shirt that has its sleeves ripped off. He wears black skinny jeans with holes on both of his knee areas. His shoes are actually black combat boots that reach up to around mid-shin area. He usually wears silver earrings that look like little spheres on his earlobes. His black jacket is sometimes replaced with a black t-shirt that has a pumpkin design in the back (it’s orange with black lines). The shirt is ripped in the sleeve parts as well. His shirt can be white with orange stripes, black with orange stripes, or orange with black stripes. He likes to interchange these shirts with whatever black shirt/jacket he has on top. His black jacket has a pumpkin on the back as well. These pumpkins have a big black smile on them and daggering eyes; they are Jack O Lanterns. His other pair of shoes is like modern day converse, black with white in the front and bottom of the shoe. Jack is always wearing a pumpkin mask with black eyes and mouth; the mask is created so he can peek through the mask but others can’t ‘peek’ inside. His underwear and socks usually have pumpkin designs on them. Jack also has a pouch on his left side that keeps his small gadgets inside. His big ones he keeps around his belt.

-Personality information-

Personality Overview: Jack has been called 'creepy' in the past by many people. He doesn't speak to anyone, even though he has the ability to speak, and is often called 'mute' because of that. When he meets someone he often greets them with a dance where he moves his hands up and down like a puppeteer while he bends his legs in an awkward position and walks in place (picture a crotch shot while doing this). When Jack stands around normally his head is usually tilted to one side, even when around friends. Before a battle Jack has been known to do a separate dance before the fight, it involves him skipping in place switching his heads position from leaning towards the right shoulder to leaning towards the left shoulder (and vice versa) every time his feet touches the ground. Jack usually does this with his scythe located either behind or in front of him on his palms.

Jack loves pumpkins. He can eat them everyday for as long as he wants, or as many times as he wants, and not get sick of them. He's become so addicted to them that he believes the only way to truly worship a pumpkin is by eating it, or guarding it, from anyone trying to harm them. Jack also currently feels no emotions towards other human beings, neither hate nor love, but has an interest in them since he can't understand their feelings anymore. He has long forgotten how it felt like to have emotions. When Jack is protective of something he willingly jumps in whenever possible to make sure that something isn't harmed. In rare situations Jack talks to people by whispering to them, but that's usually in seconds before their death or when his words are very needed (this is very rare). Jack CAN feel emotions, but they lay dormant because of his life's trauma. Uncharacteristically when Jack doesn't have his mask on he doesn't dance, he stands like a normal guy and fights in a battle like a normal person. Without his mask he even talks more often, although still very rare.

Likes, Dislikes, Hopes and Fears: Jack enjoys pumpkins and solitude but dislikes people that try to hurt something he cares about (mainly pumpkins). Jack doesn't have any hopes other then living a good life by eating lots of pumpkins, but fears dying before feeling happiness of some sort.

-History information-**
Jack was born and left behind in a pumpkin meadow in the middle of a normal island in the North Blue. Jack’s parents recognized an anomaly when they saw one and refused to take care of a baby of that magnitude, or that’s how the rumors went. Jack’s parents didn't hear a cry when he was born, yet his eyes looked directly at them. When he was left on the island, in an abandoned home, the village elder took it upon himself to make sure the baby was taken care off. The day he heard the sound of a crying baby in the abandoned building he thought of the fate of the child; there wasn't any way that the kid could survive on his own.

Five years pass and Jack became increasingly irregular. Being raised in the pumpkin fields meant he had a natural love for them; every day had pumpkins in some shape or form. With the mayor living up there he tried his best to bring in other foods for the child, but he wouldn't eat much else. Jack had a very particular love for pumpkins even in his younger years. Jack grew increasingly tall for some reason as well, even for his age he was a bit taller than the kids around him. He never spoke to people either; even the mayor has never heard his voice. The town assumed he was mute, his parents must have left him for the same reason. In school he got into fights frequently when kids called him retarded, or made fun of his problems with money. Needless to say he became the least favorite child in the village, everybody believed the kids that could speak over the mute kid.

At age twelve the mayor grew tired of the life with a boy everyone hated and left to go back to the village. Jack didn't say anything or displayed any emotion towards him leaving. However, it’s said that the sound of crying echoed through the night around the now lonely mansion. Jack suddenly disappeared that night as well, and nobody saw him around the village again. The mayor decided not to check on him, he was afraid he’d find a hung body by the ceiling. A small party tried to go inside the mansion to check if Jack was alive, but all they found was a new ‘spirit’ whom they assumed was the spirit of Jack. It wore a very realistic pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern evil smile across its face. An old reaping scythe for the crops hung from his back; it was longer then his body. The people came back with cuts and bruises around their body. The message was received; nobody was to enter the pumpkin fields now.

Over the years the legend of Jack increased and everyone in the village believed him to be a ghost, or a demon, come to exact revenge for the death of Jack. Others believe he’s a reaper that refuses to let the villagers see Jack’s dead body. All they know is that deaths have occurred trying to get some of the pumpkins from his field. The yearly pumpkin festival has been cancelled since his reported death. Any man brace enough to get to the pumpkin field always comes with a weapon, and he always returns scratched, cut, or dead. In reality the night the mayor left something had snapped inside of Jack after his tears finished flooding his pillow. He would rather feel comfort in loneliness then feel comfort in company.. only to lose it in the end and feel hurt. Jack’s only real love now was his pumpkin field, whom he continued to nourish. Jack was now 17, and he was already used to the idea of being alone for the rest of his life.

Jack took to trying to repair the home that he stayed in while the villagers stayed away from his only source of food. Jack grew as the ghost of the city, only to become The Pumpkin King, the ghost of the village that nobody wanted to meet. Overall there has been six murder victims from the attacks, all of them had weapons on them. The villagers don't want to fight the ghost after those incidents. That part of the forest has since been abandoned, yet the pumpkins still grow. At the age of 21 Jack has never had a lover, never experienced the joys of the world, and never left the island. Worst of all, he has never felt 'love'. He is currently crazy, by most people's standards, and prefers to chop first and ask questions later. He hopes he to happy again one day, but has no emotion to show or it.

Relationships with other characters: N/A


  • Strength: 10%
  • Endurance: 20%
  • Speed: 20%
  • Agility: 30%
  • Skill: 50%
  • Tactical intelligence: 10%
  • Practical intelligence: 10%
  • Perception: 10%
  • Charisma and leadership: 10%
  • Devil fruit control: 0%

Total Stats: 170% (20% in agility from cat SIQ)

-Equipment List-
Pumpkin Gadgets
The Pumpkin Scythe


Ability Points: 5

Passive traits: Able to keep calm in the worst of situations, is very cautious, can eat pumpkins without getting sick.

Devil Fruit: N/A

Talents: Shipwright

Learned skills: Scythe

Techniques lists:
Pumpkin King Techniques

Dante Gato, Kaizen Shikkaku, Jack O Lantern
Jack 'O' Lantern  86lBiMp

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Karasu(the crow)

Karasu(the crow)

Posts : 2095
Join date : 2011-05-15
Age : 26
Location : In your closet

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PostSubject: Re: Jack 'O' Lantern    Jack 'O' Lantern  Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 1:13 am


Dante Gato, Kaizen Shikkaku, Jack O Lantern
Jack 'O' Lantern  86lBiMp
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PostSubject: Re: Jack 'O' Lantern    Jack 'O' Lantern  Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 6:14 pm

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Jack 'O' Lantern
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