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 Hari Hari no mi

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PostSubject: Hari Hari no mi   Hari Hari no mi Icon_minitimeFri Jan 17, 2014 1:51 am

Name: Hari Hari no mi
Type: logia

Element Ability-
The user of this fruit can create and control "glass". Glass is a term for silicon and gem-based minerals, stones, and etc which can be used to create hard, but typically brittle Man-made glass. The user of this fruit only controls the heated "pot" of natural materials which form the various types of natural glass, most of which also being able to be used to create man-made glass via mass-synthesis. Such materials include a large amount of silicon, a small amount of boron, in some cases carbon, a handful of gems such as opal, quartz, and onyx, and etc. This mixture forms an adaptable all-purpose glass when cooled. The user can changed the material properties by increasing the concentration of silicon,carbon, boron, gems, and etc. The glass is hot, comparable to fire in heat; however, it quickly cools into a warm ice-like state, as most types of glass form when heat changes occur rapidly, and this prevents using magma-like techniques as well. The glass can vary in appearance to almost anything depending on how it is materialized, and can range in durability, strength, conductivity, refraction levels, and numerous other details; however, all forms of glass have basic glass properties and must be silicon based, limiting the total amount of flexibility. One couldn't make glass as hard as damascus steel for example, even though with the right balance of quartz, boron, and carbon inside the silicon base a glass can be formed with durability and hardness comparable to basic steel. Any cooled glass can be heated back to the melting-pot stage at any time and used as such.

Strengths and Weaknesses-
Like many logias, this devil fruit has a touch effect. The user of this fruit can harden things, similar to the way the user cools glass; this allows the breaking of normally hard-to-break objects, and similarly it allows the make targets more fragile, as to make them more damaged by impacts and less damaged by cuts; when used on glass, gems, ice, and etc, it will crack and break the touched target. The glass formed by this fruit cannot be cut through without heat; however, most types of glass formed will be fragile and easily broken; the few defense-based glasses will be broken depending on rp and character skill (as in, if I am a pirate with a bounty-based value 200,000,000 in battle strength, that glass will not be broken by somebody with 50,000,000 in strength; this is flexible and up to the discretion of the participants of the rp). Though immune to normal fire, the glass can be heated easily by magma, and other things far hotter than normal fire when in constant exposure. Glass is a natural insulator and like the gomu gomu rubber, though essentially inverted in material properties in all other regards, is unaffected by the heat from lightning. Glass is immune to the effects of sand while solid, and increases the quantity of glass able to be formed by the hari hari user when in liquid, as it provides more silicon. All types of glass are extremely resistant to the effects of constant pressure, though swift impacts work just fine. Blood, which is not a superfluid like natural water, has no advantages over glass, nor does glass have advantage over it (clarification of water weakness due to derge). Glass is immune to light, as the glass will merely refract, reflect, or absorb light, depending on the glass. Any melted glass to come in contact with water will crystallize and crumble into dusts. Solid glass can be broken easily by pressurized water, be it by quantity or speed. Glass is highly weak to acid. Though glass has a number of immunities, combining the element of any given immunity with extreme impact or another immune-element will cause the glass to shatter to dust. The melted glass, soft solid as it is, can still be burned through by magma relatively easily, and solid glass cannot escape magma burning by turning into melted glass. Ice hardens glass greatly, but makes it far more brittle at the same time, as the silicon becomes less dominant to the boron in material qualities. All glass, regardless of the properties, will remain extremely dense and thereby heavy, making the glass harder to use offensively. Steel is more durable than glass as steel is malleable and glass is not. Broken glass cannot be repaired by the user, though new glass can be materialized. Powerful motion/vibration such as a loud high-pitched tone or a tremor from the gura gura no mi will instantly break all glass, and cause the user to collapse in pain as both the user's physical and mental health is dramatically decreased. Any and all glass made on reflex will be brittle, and thereby easily broken by concentrated impact.

(I listed all the major strengths and weaknesses as a convenience to others and to prevent debates later. Essentially, glass has several major strengths over other certain logias, but also have several major weaknesses; furthermore, unlike most logias, the element being controlled can actually be defeated by a "normal" unarmed human. If any major weaknesses or strengths should come up later, I shall add them but I think this covers everything; everything else would fall under logia-vs-logia cancellation. Keep in mind when deciding to review this that despite the adaptability and various elemental immunities, its weaknesses make it possible for df-users and non-df users alike able to defeat the user. A df user fighting him when they are at a disadvantage can simply not use their df unless necessary and defeat glass the old-fashioned normal-human way.)
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Hari Hari no mi
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