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 Deucalion, A Dwarf

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PostSubject: Deucalion, A Dwarf   Deucalion, A Dwarf Icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:15 pm

Strike through means not yet... But please look for approval

Name: Deucalion called “Duke"

Age: 17


Species: Dwarf

Occupation: Slave, Warrior

Allegiance: Duke Pirates, Tontta Kingdom

Home Village/Ocean: North Blue, but considers Green Bit His real home.

Appearance: Average height for a dwarf red hair including his tail fur. He has a friendly face and pointed nose with no facial hair.  Dukes cheeks have a rosy color to them but his overall skin tone is warm beige. His eyebrows are exceptional busy and his chin is slightly long for his face. His eye color is deep brown. He wears black boots with gold buckles, a black bicorn hat with a dwarves scull and cross bone, white v-neck and green pants with blue suspenders.

History:  His mother was captured before Duke was born and while she was pregnant.  If it wasn’t for her being pregnant she probably would not have been caught.

Deucalion’s history starts in a small kingdom in South Blue.  He was born in South Blue in a Kingdom with many smaller towns and a large city.  This Kingdom was famous for its wealth and gardens, when Duke was born.  Before the kingdom had been site of bloody war that led fields that would not yield crops.  His mother raised him alongside one other dwarf.  His mother and the dwarf carefully raised and taught Duke the ways of their people careful not to teach him hate and make him ever feel like he was a slave.

Duke would spend most of his time with Kings young daughter to whom he had been given to as a gift.  She would have conversations him and tell him stories like a personal diary.  He would also be there for most of her formal education lessons. Some lessons included combat and military history.  As Duke got older he had trouble restraining his natural strength and ended up accidently hurting the girl.  Her father was of course was very upset and wanted to kill Duke. But she convinced him not to do this but as a compromise he was removed from her care and received a bomb collar chain and shackles like the rest of the slaves.  Most of whom he would meet for the first time that night.

Personality:In keeping with Wing Tsun Duke believes in always moving forward.  When fighting he likes to attack first ask questions later.  He doesn’t hesitate and moves quickly.  Even when opponents are fleeing he will chase after them. Once physical contact is made with foe he won’t let up until they are defeated.  Given his size he has devolved away to fight larger opponents.  When fights he does it as if he hasn’t something to prove to world he wants the show people “the little” guy can win and be the best.

Being a dwarf, short he gets hassled and made fun a lot.  But he doesn’t let this affect his mood.  He responds that even though he a dwarf he is still a man.  He hates to be looked down on in the since that do not judge a book by its cover. He believes that there is more to person that can discerned by what they look like.  Therefore he is open minded about everyone he meets.  Given this he will have faith that someone is good or at least decent until they prove him wrong.  He won’t be satisfied simply being told he would have to find out for himself.  Despite this he has no problem using his size to his advantage and will use it to sneak into places that other can’t get to and covertly obtain information.

Deucalion is quite intelligent.  And will use this to obtain advantages. Whether setting up trap and ambushes or avoiding problems all together.  

He has an odd habit of smelling people and giving people he has just met a nickname whether they like it or not.  The nickname will oftentimes reflect the smell.  He won’t let people who stink join him.  But if he likes them enough, despite the smell, he will by them something improve their smell.

Duke is fearless having a great love of adventure and is a thrill seeker.  Loves to jump off buildings riding wild animals including but not limited birds.  He also enjoys talking to them.  He can’t to stand them to labor against their will. Up for any challenge and wants to have fun.

Generally he is kind person who wants to help people but will sometimes go overboard and cause more destruction then help. Duke is protective of those in need whether people or animals.  He has no problems with any species.  He finds great enjoyment in meeting different types of people. (Giants, fishmen, long leg…) Duke is rarely seen without a smile.


Ship Flag: none

Devil Fruit: Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Golden Orb Weaver
type: Zoan
effect: Turns the user to spider and a spider hybrid
Hybrid form .  Dukes hybrid turns his tail into a shorter (for his size) version of the spiders abdomen abdomen  of a golden orb weaver.  He will gain four spider appendages two from should blades reaching over neck

Special Abilities:
• Capable of cultivating any plant
• agility Above average for race- Able to turn more quickly, jump higher, flip and spin with more skill.
• excellent marksmen
• guerilla warfare
• strategic planning
• Sewing/weaving making clothes
Dwarves have been seen much faster then humans. At there max speeds they are hard to discern, they have been show breaking brick ground with their fist.  Tail Hammer was shown to drive an average human minion into ground shoulder deep.
Duke's fighting style is based on Wing_Tsun but he doesn't formally practice this.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1. Parachute- shooting web out his abdomen he forms a parachute
2. Trip Wire- A single strong thread will shoot out attaching to a solid structure Duke will attach the opposite end to another structure.  It is designed to drip up targets. Because it will be of be thicker than normal thread and because of this stronger.
3. Shoot the breeze- casting multiple threads in the wind they will ride the breeze and land on many different structures over great distances. Duke will use these strands to get direct routes places that are farther away.  This makes easier and faster to travel
4. Grand net- Shooting out a fully made web, like net. He will attempt to capture a target or blockade an area. Threads for this technique are thick and weighty making it his strongest net.
5. Flashily Assassination- Over the course of multiple post Duke will set up a trap by strategic spreading silks threads to reduce targets movement area making hard to escape or dodge. He will also leave guns on silk lines.  When the trap is finished he will pull a thread cord that is attached to guns triggers and fire at target(s)

6. Sticky Surprise- using Aggregate web he will spray the target with sticky silk threads the more the user moves the more it spreads making it harder move and fight properly.

web at this level can reach a height of 1 story. Single lines used for rope and trip line 2 stories.  The difference being the latter shoots down and horizontal. The former shooting upwards.
Non Devil Techniques
1. Pop goes the weasel-Using his speed he will run around in between targets legs hit them as he passes through knocking them down.
2. Duke will hold his ground in martial like stance with open palms.  He attempt slap and kick away melee attacks
3. Tonttata Combat: Tail Hammer after running fast across and removing the opponents clothes. The user will flip upside down and deliver a powerful blow the head capable of sending the average size human shoulder deep underground.
4. Tonttata Combat: Tail whip- using his tail he will repeatedly hit opponent his.
Note web is stronger than steel weight for weight and all webs are sticky but when it says
aggregate it is more sticky than normal. Cutting steel techniques doesn’t mean you can cut this web.  Research indicates it is 6 factors stronger weight for weight. (After his third thread and gaining more control)

Weapons/Items: Money, Backpack, a humans pistol, 6 pistols that are size appropriate (All by the end of 1st thread)

Goals: Go to Green Bit. Fight and beat a giant, Pirate King

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PostSubject: Re: Deucalion, A Dwarf   Deucalion, A Dwarf Icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 2:37 pm

Explain special abilities. Average for race? Show me in terms of average human strength, speed, extc. Also you put average for race twice. What's average for race? The dot? You confuse me Mr. Zalton.

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PostSubject: Re: Deucalion, A Dwarf   Deucalion, A Dwarf Icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2013 10:39 pm

It looks like you edited to clarify on what Crow asked.  If Crow/any other mod feels like more changes should be made, feel free to interject.

Otherwise, approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Deucalion, A Dwarf   Deucalion, A Dwarf Icon_minitime

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Deucalion, A Dwarf
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