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 Kiya Valencia

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PostSubject: Kiya Valencia   Kiya Valencia Icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2012 12:00 am

Kiya Valencia "Flame Cloak" (legacy)




Head of world's largest Seastone Extraction, Acquisition, Processing, and Weapons Fabrication
Fruit collection and sales via separate identity to generate more sandstone weaponry sales (Racket)

The All Bighty Belli

Home Village/Ocean:
Onyx Ring Island of the Emerald Islands - New World


Appearance under the cloak - seldom ever seen
-Narrow, very pale eyes with little pigment that fluctuate between aqua, minty green, grey-blue, and pale violet
-Silvery, nearly transparent and highly lustrous hair that allow its shade to easily be manipulated
-Sun-baked bronze skin

Kiya Valencia Kiyuni10

Kiya was born in a handsome manor perched on a hill of one of the secluded Emerald Isles.  A pleasant stone home overlooking the sea - surrounded by rolling meadows, inhabited by horses made for a happy childhood.  She would have traded it all if she got to see her father more frequently.  He was forever away on business and as a way of offsetting the guilt of being absent, he gave her the world - a safe and hidden dream house full of people hired to adore, protect, and see to her wishes.

Her father was careful to see to her proper education while he was away.  Well paid scholars taught her history, mathematics, geography, finance, carpentry, geometry, cryptography, and physics. She also had a master of arms to teach her swordsmanship, hunting, and horsemanship.  An army of grooms were around to care for her horses, though she insisted upon seeing to their care on her own.  She liked to spend time with the horses because she could trust them to not disappear for months at a time.  Her favourite was called Bucephalus; uncommonly loyal and ever at her heels since wandering up and a half-starved colt.  He flourished into a magnificent beauty, black of coat and white of mane. Seeing how much she adored than animal and how protective it was of her, he brought the Yomi Yomi no Mi to the horse so it would never leave her.

As she grew older she felt more like a prisoner and everyone who looked after her felt like a jailer.  She began trying her hand at disguises to get enough free time to slip away to the docks and aboard merchant supply ships to visit the other islands.  It became a sort of hobby and a thrill to be able to change her face and skin to see what she could get away with. She grew into a tall, muscular, and lithe creature, which allowed her to get away with faces of both genders. When she became older, she used this skill to sneak aboard her father's ship - only to be terrified to meet the man she never really knew.

She watched him carefully over a pair of stolen glasses, her heart beat quickening.  The sweat ran down her face, compromising the loosely affixed horse hair than constructed the mustache she wore that day. She forced a casual demeanor and she stacked boxes into the corner of the cabin.  She was hardly able to take her eyes off of him - could this really be her father?  She had seen him slip into the garment but nearly jumped out of her skin quite literally when it began to blaze.

She had lived a simple, sheltered life, unaware of who or what her father truly was - it was for her own protection. Now she stood before a legendary figure of terror.  Lucius "Flame Cloak" Valencia - head boss of the largest and most notorious sea-stone harvesting, processing, and weapon manufacturing operation in the world.  No one stood in the way of his operations - even the World Government knew enough to leave him alone. He was well known for his ever-burning cloak that was constructed by feeding the Mera Mera no Mi to a hooded, floor-length, flame-retardant cloak. The result was that the wearer would never be burned but if anyone touched the cloak from the outside, there would be third degree consequences. This item is not used as a weapon but is used as a symbol of power and mystery.  The flames of the cloak are so bright that they make the inside of the hood seem like a black hole, shielding the face of the wearer and distorting the voice into a series of crackling hisses, sounding violently etherial and completely inhuman.  

Flame Cloak obtained his famed cloak well before he obtained his reputation and so it because an inextricable part of his identity, his mystique, and his power. So clever was his ability to work through indirect means for communication, product movement, and power structuring, none of the thousands of people who worked for him ever saw his face. He was rarely seen even in his cloaked form. He would make an appearance only when it was necessary- typically in the acquisition of new territory or to snuff an absurd rumor of his absence that would pop up after months of not being seen.

She continues stacking the boxes, actually thankful for something to do with her hands as she processed what she had just seen.  Suddenly a harsh voice rattled her from her task - something unrecognizable, snapping, and angry. "So this is how it is, then? You are terrible at tracking and your 'disguise' is laughable."  She shuddered, nearly dropping the box. The flames dispelled as he pushed the hood back from his head, steady eyes narrowed at her. "I never wanted you to know about this even though I prepared to for it for your entire life.  I needed you to follow me - I needed you to know.  I never wanted this for you but I don't have a choice. My time away is short and you are far from ready."

He spent the next several years giving indirect lessons of misdirection, how to change her face and hide her identity, cryptography, and insight into how the business must function. After several year, her father would leave things, including the cloak, in her hands for months at a time as he lest to "take care of matters" and so well did he teach her that no one took note of his absence.  He stature, the bulk of the flames and the distortion of her vocals allowed her pull off being her father, the original Flame Cloak, quite nicely. Her fathers time away grew greater every time he left.  It's been a few years since she has seen him but she has received deliveries of objects that send messages that only she would understand, letting her know she's being watched by him.

Ironically the very thing she assumed would allow her to make up for the time of her childhood in which she never saw him has only given him another excuse to disappear. It is enough - every day she feels like she is getting closer to him by running and growing the empire he created. Her job is her substitute for her father in some bizarre way but it is far better than living in a beautiful cage awaiting the rare visits from someone who was always a stranger.  She grown used to the heaviness of the cloak after all these years. Her horse, Bucephalus, finally died, and is now preserved by the fruit, giving it a ghastly appearance with it's flesh slowly flaking away from its body.

Impressing her remotely watchful father became a sort of hobby to offset his absence.  She stumbled upon a method of exponentially increasing the demand of their sandstone weaponry.  She constructed a new identity as a bounty hunter of sorts that went after specific Devil Fruits for a high price.  Upon delivering the fruit, the menace caused by the new fruit users would cause a sudden surge in business for her weapons which were already pre-constructed as a convenient counterpoint to the fruits effects. By having the weapons ready before the fruit was even delivered, she could rack up the price considerably as people scrambled for her wares.  Her father sent her a gift, communicating his amusement over her exceedingly lucrative racket. Only one fruit bounty ever escaped her. She pulls the hood over her head and slips into the shadows with her undead mount - she has a score to settle in the Sand.

Kiya grew up as a loner, caring more for the company of animals than humans.  As she stepped into her fathers place, communicating almost entirely through encrypted letters, she does little in the way face to face human contact. Her fathers absence in her life affected her identity so deeply that she found that stepping into her father's place and effectively becoming him was the only way she could really get to know him. Her own identity is lost somewhere in becoming the shadow of a man that she never really got to know. The only thing keeping her going is keeping things as efficient as her father always did in addition to adding layers of optimization, complexity, and enterprise. Becoming a more perfect version of the creature she always wanted to know is a bandaid to cover the gaping wound of an empty soul. She is callous and unyielding. Limited human contact has made her cold and detached, speaking only as much as necessary. She observes people carefully, picking up on their mannerisms and speech to perfect her alternate identities. She is ever thinking of new means of deception as such is a necessity of her very survival.

Grande Mavrodaphne

Ship Flag:
Kiya Valencia -110

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities:
Many Faces:
The ability to learn from ones environment and quickly change and disguise with peripheral items to blend in at the drop of a hat.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Secrets Unlearned.

An astrolabe, a sea stone tipped katana, and a blunderbuss

How many belli does it take to fill the gaping center of an empty soul?  Kiya may never know.

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PostSubject: Re: Kiya Valencia   Kiya Valencia Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 2:09 am

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Kiya Valencia
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