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 Rodoku's RP Index

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PostSubject: Rodoku's RP Index   Rodoku's RP Index Icon_minitimeSat Dec 31, 2011 3:58 pm

Roko Cloud
Occupation: Navigator/ Captain of the Blizzard Pirates
Weapons: Senaya Broadsword
Pet: Tyren the Falcon
Bounty: 300, 000, 000 Belli
Pirate. Blizzard Pirates.

Lenny "Blinding Light" Celeste
Occupation: Marine, Rank: Rear Admiral/Captain of the Meteor Heroes
Weapons: A long sword.
Devil Fruit: Paramecia type Nikkoo Nikkoo no Mi (Sunlight Fruit)
Marines. Meteor Heroes.

Greim Glowheart
Occupation: Swordsman
Weapons: Katanas. Tenshi Katana: Safaia Yaiba and Tenshi Katana: Rubi Yaiba
Bounty: 50, 000

Hibiki C. Dokuru
Occupation: Doctor/Division Commander
Weapons: Uproar Staff
Devil Fruit: Logia Type Oto Oto no Mi (Sound Fruit)
Bounty: 50, 000, 000
Yonkou Crew: Anubis Pirates.

Haru Finner
Occupation: Marksman/First Mate
Skill: Advanced Fishman Karate
Bounty: 50, 000, 000
Pirates. Blizzard Pirates

Daiki Shikuro
Occupation: First Mate/Navigator
Devil Fruit: Nendo Nendo no Mi
Bounty: 75, 000, 000
Warlord Crew. Dark Isle Assasins.

Retired/Deleted/Deceased Characters:

Zetamor "Zeta" Grevich
Getto Diffot
Blen Gharf
Esmeralda [Cliffstone
Keeram D. Fishont
Hexi Retika
Monty Finbreak


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Rodoku's RP Index
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