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 Keeram's Spork Blades

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PostSubject: Keeram's Spork Blades   Keeram's Spork Blades Icon_minitimeFri Sep 30, 2011 11:21 pm

weapon name: Giant Spork Blades

description: Keeram uses two sporks, each of them have different abilities because they both were given the power of a devil fruit. (They have eaten it through scientific processes.). Both spork blades are giant sporks of 1.20 meters of lenght, the sporks have sharp edges like a blade and the teeth from a fork are like a trident. A giant spork would have the spoon part too deep, but as this is a weapon it doesnt have the hole too deep, instead, its almost not lowered, only a bit, leaving a hole of about 1.5 centimeters of deepness. The name of each blade is written in its the handle of the spork, the Keimusho Sajihooku has a blue handle, while the Daiyahifu Sajifooku's handle is colored green.

weapon special abilities: the spork blades have eaten different devil fruits. Each of them have a different name and they have different things that make them different.

Keimusho Sajihooku: This spork blade has consumed the Ori Ori no mi. (Cage Cage fruit or Bind Bind Fruit). So when the blade goes through something it leaves it binded with a mass of iron shackles that surrounds the thing that the blade went through. The blade leaves the iron shackles in as many targets as the user wants to use the spork in and the people affected by the fruit are only freed when the spork falls into seawater, which frees everyone affected by it.

Daiyahifu Sajifooku: This spork blade has consumed the Diamond Skin Fruit, which is an unnamed fruit in the one piece world, but the surface of the spork blade has permanently turned into diamond, making it as hard as diamond. The sword is still as precise as a normal sword, and more with the sharpness of diamond, and the sword gains properties of the diamond: it can refract light, becomes practically unbreakable unless that it is under temperatures of 800 Celsius and it has a high conductivity of heat. The sword only turns into a normal spork blade when it falls in seawater.

history: Both spork blades were manufactured in steel by ancient scientists of the Kingdom of Ryoorinin, which is a kingdom in the far south blue. In this kingdom almost everyone is chef or cook apart from their profession. this spork blades are one of the symbols of the country, because sporks are considered the best utensil for eating. This spork blades were passed down in the royal family, and their users were taught the perfect use of it by their father or mother. Keeram happened to be prince of Ryoorinin Kingdom, but he decided to leave the palace with the blades that he had obtained after a lot of training with them and becoming a perfect user of them.

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PostSubject: Re: Keeram's Spork Blades   Keeram's Spork Blades Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 8:29 am

The cage spork is quite powerful, but since you still need to hit the target to make it work this is

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Keeram's Spork Blades
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