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 Maxulus' Character Index

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PostSubject: Maxulus' Character Index   Maxulus' Character Index Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 2:07 pm


The Maimou Family

1. Maximillion Maimou Pirate-Captain-Strategist (DF) >Theme Song: Dark Half<
2. Manta Maimou Pirate-Cook (DF)
3. Ferdinard Maimou Marine Captain

Others - Pirates

4. Koga Pirate (IQ enhanced)
5. Genther Cost Neutral - Information Broker (DF)
6. Lappy Pirate - Fighter
7. Maha Mararlberma Pirate - Swordsman
8. Sculpris Crystalis Pirate - Musician/Swordsman

Others - Marines/WG

9. Salty Peppery Marine Captain - Sniper
10. Karma Tenma Marine Captain - Swordsman (DF)
11. Orior Mavult Marine - Fighter (Made the character with the Anti-Pirate slot)


12. Niles Pirate - Captain (Bought the slot with the points system)
13. DeeDee Neutral - Doctor (Bought the slot with the points system)

Empty Slots

14. Marcantonello Bounty Hunter - Assassin (Bought the slot with the points system)
15. Sebastian Kado Pirate - Magician/Navigator (Bought the slot with the points system)
16. Jinjen Jinden Marine - Fighter (Bought the slot with the points system)
17. Roo Bushin (Bought the slot with the points system)
18. (Bought the slot with the points system)
19. (Bought the slot with the points system)
20. (Bought the slot with the points system)


1) Dusk Pirates


-19 Char slots (9 were bought with the point system)
-4 Devil Fruit slots (1 was won in a contest)
-2 Crew Slots
-5 IQ Slots



Jiper Juicest
Occupation: Marine Admiral
Details: Jiper is called "Two-Faces" because he scratches his face with his long nails and that always damages half of his face. Jiper has a great sense of justice and he wants to protect the innocent people. His personality depends on the part of his face that is damaged. Whenever the right part of the face is damaged he gets angry easily and wants to break things. Whenever his left part of the face is damaged , he is calm and is as quiet as possible. No matter which part of his face is damaged , though , he will still try and protect the innocent people and the other marines , in his own way. He likes mathematics and so , many of his attacks have names that come from mathematics.
Devil Fruit: Kama-Kama no Mi
Whereabouts: He went missing after the Atlantis War.
Conclusion: Jiper was hiding at the island of Atlantis after his sacrifice. The whole collapse of the island damaged him a lot, to the point that he started using a breathing mask in order to survive. Ashamed for his actions, he was not willing to return back to the marines and he continued staying there, until he was approached by one of the Yonko, Samakage Iken. Iken, the man behind his fall - one of the actions that led him to the status of the Yonko -, invited him to join him in a mission. The stop of the Yonko Maximillion Maimou, who had gone crazy ever since he got the chance to fully use his Devil Fruit. Iken needed Jiper in his battle, so that he could deal with any potential allies of Maximillion. During the battle, Iken got to face former Yonko Roberto D. Wally, but the battle stopped with the tragic finale of the clash of the two Yonko. With the two very damaged, Maximillion was betrayed by his former subordinate, Koga, and he was trapped into a parallel world produced by a Devil Fruit. Seeing that his mission was completed, Jiper grabbed Iken and left. However, despite the fact that he made his big return for the battle with a Yonko, he decided to return to Atlantis for good as there was something he still detested in his actions. Even if it was for the greater good, he still worked with another Yonko, Iken. And that was something he could not forgive on himself. Nowadays, Jiper is living like an hermit in the destroyed island of Atlantis. (retired)

Maximus N. Crow
Occupation: Spy
Details: Maximus used the be a kind-hearted cyborg that was created by Maximus. He shared the same appearance as his creator and they called each other brothers. However, he was reprogrammed by Maxulus' evil assistant and was killed by Maxulus while he was defending himself.
Devil Fruit: Gamu-Gamu no Mi
Whereabouts: He was destroyed by Maxulus.

R.A.M. 2
Occupation: Pirate-Navigator of the Dusk Pirates.
Details: He sacrificed himself to protect his captain, he was the best friend of Koga while he was alive.
Whereabouts: Where can a dead person be?

David Jones (RETIRED)
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Details: A former Bounty Hunter that retired.
Whereabouts: Any place where he can find a treasure.

Mercury D. Ryper  (RETIRED)
Occupation: Informant
Details: A wanted pirate who temporarily joined the Dusk Pirates but abandoned the crew after the Battle of the Calm Belt.
Devil Fruit: Hei Hei no Mi
Whereabouts: Unknown.

Ursus Triton Oceanus Fishman Island Bystander - Neutral (RETIRED)

Brewmaster Former Pirate Captain - Pirate - Fighter (IQ enhanced) (Bought the slot with the points system)
Occupation: Swordsman
Details: After the Bare Fist Pirates defeated Bonard, the head scientist of the Nezumahan Project, Brewmaster retired himself as a pirate as he had avenged the animals... As a result, he returned back at his home at Nezumahan Island.

Maletrix Steller Pirate-Musician-Steel Village Commander
Occupation: Musician
Details: Maletrix's desire to defend the Steel Village made him consume the ES and he was turned into an old man, losing all of his power. The old fishman was unable to survive the New World, though. While being under a heart attack due to his old age that came as a result of the Energy Steroids, he was shot down by Geel Scheutregenen of the Blood Stained Steel Revolutionaries.

Tabasco Charon Pirate-Navigator/Ranged Assassin >Theme Song: The Godfather Theme<
Occupation: Sniper
Status: He is hiding somewhere to not get arrested.

6. Maxulus N. Crow Pirate-Scientist,Inventor (DF) (RETIRED)


Lecter Kageroza
Occupation: Chief Guard

Zigfreed Von Strudel
Occupation: Vice Admiral
Devil Fruit: Nemu Nemu no Mi

Curter Jaws Pirate Captain (DF)


-All the Maimous never cut their words. They will always say "I am" instead of "I'm", "That is" instead of "That's", etc.
-All the Maimous happen to use the Shockwave Style as their main battling style.
-All the Devil Fruit users have a fruit that belongs to the Paramecia Category.
-Maxulus N. Crow has appeared in all of the major wars up to date.


[15:31:59] TheBlackLuffy : Hello Daneil

[15:32:09] TheBlackLuffy : typo*

[15:32:27] Daniel D. Haught : That's fine LTB.

[21:03:23] Sorrykid joined the chat on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:03 pm

[19:21:21] Maxulus : now he is shielding himself and when the attacks end, he falls unconscious.

[19:21:21] SoulSeeker : I'm going to give him a seastone tipped nightstick

[19:21:21] y dau cymraeg : righto no problem then joyce, just as long he dosent hold them like zoro and then have two on his shoes

[19:21:21] @ redmerv : since I dont know who to join

[17:35:24] @ nikz200 : "ITS OVER 9000!!!!!"

[17:35:34] Maxulus : XD

[17:35:34] @ Gael : XD
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Maxulus' Character Index
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