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 Clyde The Jellyfish

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PostSubject: Clyde The Jellyfish   Clyde The Jellyfish Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 6:05 am

Name: Clyde The Jellyfish

Age: 24

Bounty: 20,000,000 for escaping the Tenryuubitu and stealing slaves.

Species: Box Jellyfish Fishman

Occupation: Captain

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman island, Under the Red Line

Appearance: Clyde is a weird looking even among fishmen. He is quite short compared to other fishmen, standing at roughly 5 feet. His skin is pale blue. While on ground he barely casts a shadow because of his almost transparent body. His entire body, skin and internal organs are almost transparent, resembling jelly. While underwater he is almost completely invisible, like a real Box Jellyfish will be, making him a deadly enemy underwater. He has yellow eyes and no hair. Instead, he has a cap on his head that resembles a big purple dried jellyfish. He has 4 big jellyfish tentacles, each is about 4 feet long, sprouting from his back. He tends to wrap them around his body to avoid poisoning any friends by mistake. He wears a pair of yellow Bermuda pants and a pair of sandals. His hands are covered with gloves to avoid poisoning anyone by mistake.

History: Clyde was born in Fishman Island, like most fishman. He was raised to accept humans and love them despite their different appearance and beliefs. His parents were big human supporters among the fishmen, a fact that made both popular and hated at the same time in different parts of the fishman society.
Clyde didn't meet a lot of humans in his childhood because of the everlasting hatred between fishmen and humans. As a result, he was very excited to take a look at a pirate ship that reached Fishman Island when he was 8.
The pirates were actually slave hunters who came to fishman island to hunt themselves a mermaid. When Clyde and many other young fishmen came to witness the humans for the first time, the slave hunters captured them and took them above water to be sold as slaves.
Clyde spent 14 years being a slave for a spoiled Tenryuubitu family along with many other fishmen. All this time he was used as a bodyguard for the younger Tenryuubitu of the family. Clyde, who still believed in the kindness of humans was crushed by the horrible reality that engulfed him. After 14 years, he lost the hope that someone will come to fight for him, he will have to fight for himself.
After months of planning he managed to get his hands on a key to the exploding neckcuffs that kept him and his fellow fishmen trapped. He killed a few of the Tenryuubitu's employees and released himself and his brothers free. In this escaping plan he avoided touching a single Tenryuubitu from the fear of an admiral following him and managed to escape without harming any world noble. He got his hands on a ship and formed a crew of fishmen to fight for the right of fishmen to live freely among humans without being hated or enslaved.

Personality: Clyde is very patriotic. He holds great respect to his legacy and to the fishman society. He will fight for his last of rights with an iron will and a burning spirit. Clyde will not speak or turn to any human who won't respect his race and people. He is not racist against humans, he is racist against fishman haters. He will never harm an innocent human, although fishman haters are a different story. He holds a passion for the fishman kitchen. He will never eat a meal that wasn't cooked by a fishman.

Ship: The Bubble Trouble

Ship Flag: A Jolly roger with a Jellyfish instead of a skull between 2 crossed bones.

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:
Fishman Perks: As a fishman, Clyde enjoys enhanced strength and the ability to breathe under water. Unlike many other fishmen, because of his fish counterpart, the tiny Box Jellyfish, Clyde's superhuman strength doesn't reach the normal ten-times-stronger-than-human level but a more moderate 3 times stronger than a human. Clyde's body is almost bone free. As a result, he is much more flexible than other fishmen and can twist his body to about any angle. The lack of bones also makes him more resilient to blunt damage because there aren't so many bones to be broken in his body. Because of his special type, his body produces a powerful neuro-toxic poison that he uncontrollably expels through his tentacles and hands.
Sea Life Empathy: Clyde can communicate with sea creatures. He is pretty skilled with this ability, capable of communicating even with the dumbest seakings. Although this ability can't be used to make the creatures attack, it can be used to make them help out or simply not harm the user.
Fishman Karate: Clyde can perform basic moves of the Fishman Karate martial art. As a result of Clyde's poisonous nature and the fact that he's reletively weak compared to other fishmen, he developed a series of his own unique moves the he titles "Zeri-Fishman Karate" (Jelly Fishman Karate). These moves use Clyde's amazing flexibility and his poison to dismantle and potentially kill his opponents with ease.
Clyde's Poison: As a Box Jellyfish Fishman, Clyde releases deadly potentially deadly amounts of poison with every touch. The poison is expelled through microscopic harpoon-shaped needles the cover his tentacles and hands. The poison affects the target's nervous system:
*The first effect is paralysis. The body part that was injected with the poison is immediately paralyzed. It loses the ability to move and is completely numbed.
*After one post the target will experience a strong pain that travels from the injected area to the rest of the body as the poison spreads. The pain worsens with time but the body maintains it's ability to function in this stage. The formerly-paralyzed body part is now active again as the poison spreads away from it.
*After three posts the target will experience minor hallucination and mood swings as the poison starts to affect the brain.
*After five posts the target's body systems will start to fail. The target will lose continuousness and his body parts will start dying if not treated properly. If not treated with a matching antidote the target will die in half an hour when his entire nervous system will fail as well.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Gojuumaigawara Seiken (Fifty Tile True Punch): A weaker version of the hundred-tile punch. This is a hard punch strong enough to brake through fifty tiles.
Gyorai (Torpedo): This is a Fishman version of Soru. While underwater, Clyde can use this technique to swim at Soru-like speed, creating different currents and streams around his body.
Gyorai Doraggu (Torpedo Drag): As opposed to Fishman Karate masters who manipulate water with their hands and power, Clyde can do the same thing while using his body and his Gyorai technique. By using Gyorai, Clyde can pull currents and waves after him. By swimming in different shapes, Clyde can pull the water in various forms to either attack or defend.
Gyorai Doraggu: Nami (Torpedo Drag: Wave): Clyde will use Gyorai Doraggu to pull a water current behind his body. He will than rise out of the water to create a powerful wave.
Gyorai Doraggu: Doriru (Torpedo Drag: Drill): Clyde will use Gyorai Doraggu to pull a water current behind his body. He will than spin at a high speed, creating a drill shaped wave capable of penetrating weak ships.
Zeri-Tacchi (Jelly touch): Clyde will touch his opponent with either his tantacles or his hand in any way (Punch, Grab, Slap etc) to inject his body with his deadly poison.
Zeri-Yugami (Jelly Bend): Clyde will use his unique flexibility to evade an incoming attack.

Weapons/Items: None

Character Flaws: Clyde has to maintain a certain level of water in his body. About 85% of his body is water. Because of it he must either stay underwater or drink a lot of fluids or he'll get dried. He is also very sensitive to heat as it make him lose a lot of precious body fluids.

Goals: Fight for the freedom of fishmen among humans.

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Clyde The Jellyfish
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