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 Tsuki no Ame

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PostSubject: Tsuki no Ame   Tsuki no Ame Icon_minitimeWed Feb 16, 2011 12:10 pm

Weapon Name: Tsuki no Ame (translate: Rain of Moon)
Weapon shape: Katana
Colour: Black.
Length: 85.1 cm
Weight: 500g
Description: The handle is Black and sky blue with a rain drop on it, and the blade is made of rare black meteor.
History: Tsuki no ame, An extremely sharp blade that can cut through anything with a skilled swordsman.
It have been in 10 generations in the Shigure family.
The sword have been in countless of battles and wars, the first(the swords maker) Leonardo Shigure found the black meteor in a crater in Grandline, He have never seen suchs a wierd shaped thing in his life.
Years of researching on the meteor rock he found out that it was made of some sort of metal/steel.
Thanks of the blacksmith training from his Mother, he created a sword that have never been seen befor, and gave the name of the rain and the moon he saw that night"Tsuki no Ame"
Leonardo took his new made sword and traveled the world to become the best swordsman in his generations, and he did thanks to his hidden swordstyle he invented "Mūnrein ken sutairu"(translate: Moon Rains swordstyle).
2 years after he have became the best swordsman he stop fighting and fake'd his death, after that created the rumour that he had died in battle and his corpse and blade fallen to the bottom of the sea, he went to east blue and opened a dojo and got a family.
Since then the sword have been going to the first born child which get it at the age of 18, and now its wielder is 23 years old Shigure D. Yumi

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuki no Ame   Tsuki no Ame Icon_minitimeWed Feb 16, 2011 12:18 pm

the sword has no special abilities, which means i can instantly approve

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Tsuki no Ame
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