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Cryptic Terror

Cryptic Terror

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PostSubject: Brasidas    Brasidas  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 4:19 am

Name: Takeshi Brasidas

Epithet: "Requiem"

Age: 24

Species: Mudshark Fishman

Bounty: 20,000,000

Occupation: Pirate: Espionage/Assassin

Home Villiage: Tomiz of West Blue

He is a 7'2 fishman with a pallid bluish grey skin.  His skin is very thick and durable with tiny, undetectable spines that will minimally harm anyone who touches his skin without a form of protection.  His fins are made of a combination of hard and soft cartilage along with webbed membranes that allow them to remain rigid for combat and swimming or fold easily to be out of the way. He has very stark white hair that tends to blend in with the colours of the sea when submerged. His eyes are a deeb bluish green with pupils with a feline quality of heavily dilating when focused giving a false look of innocence or remorse immediately before an attack.  His face is quite handsome as fishmen go but his mouth hide a set of endlessly regenerating razor sharp teeth.  He also has the ability to unhinge his jaw a bit to hive his teeth a better range. The psi of his bite force increases greatly as his mouth closes. He has a distinctive tattoo from his home tribe on his right bicep.
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Brasidas was born to a small tribe of fishman bounty hunters of the island Tomis in West Blue, called the Praetorians, who had an agreement with the nearby marine base.  They were granted protection and immunity from the marines who would turn a blind eye to their sea stone smuggling ring in exchange for high profile bounties they were capable of bringing in.
Brasidas quickly grew tired of this rigid, task oriented style of hunting and went on to pursue a more spontaneous life. He left his tribe without hard feeling and without looking back. He spent several years in underground blade fighting arenas, winning a reputation as the one of the best fighters with a fixed blade dagger.  After winning such a fight with the famous knife fighter from the Demon Horn pirates, he gained the respect of their captain Agave Noriega who has eaten the mythical Zoan cow cow fruit: model Minotaur.  The calculating captain determined that it was bet to make an ally of such a dangerous creature.  
Brasidas was reluctant to accept the Agave's invitation to become a crew member but he had grown bored of honing his fighting skills on the limited amount of knife fighters that he would encounter without venturing to far.  A ship would serve almost as a traveling base that would allow him to branch out with his skills.  Agave liberally managed his crew giving them to freedom to pursue their own ambitions as long as they honored their duties to the captain. While in service to the crew, Brasidas became an invaluable reconnoissance unit. His ability to match and exceed the speed of the ship while hidden under the waves and the upper body strength to pull himself onto any sea-faring vessel, moving or not, made for an excessively deadly and tidy assassin.
After showing fierce loyalty by risking his life to rescue his captain from marine custody, he became first division commander of the Demon Horn pirates and had acquired a bounty 20,000,000 Beli bounty on his head.  He managed to kill 17 marines during the skirmish and wound one vice admiral which caused a particular stir among the marines thirsty for revenge under the guise of "justice".
The marine base put particular pressure on the Praetorian fishman tribe to bring in their former member Brasidas and offered them more than his bounty as extra incentive.  The Paetorians refused to comply and were soon attacked by the marines. Many marines and fishmen were killed in the battle and the few surviving fishmen were slaughtered in the public square of the island.
Brasidas has only recently heard of his tribes destruction but does not yet know that they met their end by refusing to capture him. He has currently asked his captain for leave as he returns to him home in search of answers.  His captain allowed him to take the fastest ship in his fleet, the Steel Pledge. Before leaving he felt indifference to both his tribe and the marines.  He now feels an incredible since of admiration and loss over his people and feels deep hatred and confusion toward the marines. Brasidas now travels the seas looking for answers and vengeance; tracking those who took their conflict with him out on his entire people. He is well known and respecting in fishman colonies for his fighting, espionage, and assassin skills but does not have a particular loyalty to anyone other than his captain.  His profound loss prevented him from harboring any attachment to anyone other than his captain. No one can say what breed of blood lusting insanity will awaken in him when he discovers that his people were murdered while protecting him specifically.  

Personality: Brasidas is fairly calm with a heated temper.  He never complains but get bored very easily... he is more likely to go out looking for trouble than to sit back and wait for something of interest to occur. He has a wonder lust and refuses to stay in one place for very long.  He enjoys the freedom of the seas and is always eager to learn new things.  He is very much a loner, and while he trusts his crew, he does not spend a great deal of time with anyone.  The fury of his loss is condense into the brutality of his assassin skills.

Ship: Steel Pledge

Flag:  Demon Horn  
((I will draw this after I finished drawing something else... It will be a bizarre Jolly Roger with a bull skull))

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:
His somewhat translucent skin allows him to completely disappear in the water.  
Extremely sharp and maneuverable fins attached to his arms.
As a mud shark, his fins secrete a very mild venom that can inflict severe pain and swelling if they beak the skin of an opponent.
Ability to communicate with and summon requiem sharks.
Ability so summon a mild tidal wave, used primarily for transportation though it could be used to douse or capsize a smaller ship.
Years of knife training have given him amazing speed and agility that can be applied in the water and on land.
Thick skin renders many projectiles ineffective to minimally effective.  

Learned Techniques:
Fountain Crush:
When submerged, her can gather large amounts of water, propelling them through his throat and mouth to create a very powerful water steam that can capsize a metallic ship if his from under or pierce a wooden one.
Aqua-Fang Ambush:
He uses his ability to launch water with his mouth along with his ability to continually regenerate teeth. He uses his overly power bite strength to launch the teeth them encased inside the pool of water, sending them at devastating speeds to perforate the target.
Treasure map:
Forearms are crossed one over the other and thrust out away from each other in front of the target as the retractable fins rapidly extend to leave a large, deep X-shaped gash on the target.
Parting gifts
Savage bit, leaving shark teeth laced with a infectious bacterial in the victims skin
Jugular Fish Kiss
Victim is seized and sharp fish teeth are imbedded into the neck, using full bite force to tear the esophagus clean from the victims throat.

Fixed blade daggers, bo staff trident, arm fins, regenerating teeth

Seek and destroy those responsible for his tribes destruction.  Become the best assassin and knife fighter in all of the seas.

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PostSubject: Re: Brasidas    Brasidas  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 4:51 am

Love the name ;]

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Cryptic Terror

Cryptic Terror

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PostSubject: Re: Brasidas    Brasidas  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 5:06 am


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PostSubject: Re: Brasidas    Brasidas  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 1:45 am

I give approval- he's like aquaman
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Cryptic Terror

Cryptic Terror

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PostSubject: Re: Brasidas    Brasidas  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 1:52 am

Bahaha... thanks. Sounds like fail... >_>

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