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 Damī Damī no Mi

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PostSubject: Damī Damī no Mi   Damī Damī no Mi Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2018 6:20 am

Name: Damī Damī no Mi (Dummy Dummy Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Design: A banana bunch of peach and blue that looks like a brain when flipped upside down. Tastes of leg hair and tomato
Capabilities: The user becomes a Dummy Human/Being, allowing them to turn into a dummy state. In this 'state', the user becomes immune to pain and gains immense regenerative powers at the cost of the use of their body and cognitive thought or reasoning (Essentially making the user braindead). The user needs to engage and set a time limit in how long of an idiot they become, though the minimum length the state can go on for is 15 seconds

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Damī Damī no Mi
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