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 Peinto Peinto no Mi

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PostSubject: Peinto Peinto no Mi   Peinto Peinto no Mi Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2018 5:58 am

Name: Peinto Peinto no Mi (Paint Paint Fruit)
Type: Special Paramecia (Logia?)
Design: A square fruit like an apple, the swirling pattern is decorated in mismatching order of red, blue and green over a black fruit
Capabilities: The user becomes a Paint Human, transforming their body into a multicoloured flowing goopy substance. While akin to a Logia, it is classified Paramecia for being a Man-made substance. The fluid like body allows them to take any shape they wish and their power can change the multi-colored hue of theirs to any single color or swirling combination of colors they so desire to paint with and create an endless amount of paint. As well, The user can change their own body to be toxic or non-toxic.

The downside to the fruit is that they become very flammable and can easily be diluted and reduced to their true body with enough water, alongside the other Devil Fruit weaknesses
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Peinto Peinto no Mi
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