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 Puroto Puroto no Mi (WIP)

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PostSubject: Puroto Puroto no Mi (WIP)   Puroto Puroto no Mi (WIP) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 28, 2018 4:45 am

Name: Puroto Puroto no Mi (Proto Proto Fruit)
Type: Manufactured (SMILE)/Paramecia (Special)
Design: A Small red watermelon with purple circles and smaller green circles inside those splotching the outside. Inside is seedless and purple. Taste is undescribable horrific; tasting of alchohol, toxic chemicals and blood.
Capabilities: The attempt to manufacture Devil Fruits started with Zoan's as they were the easiest to replicate and attempt to fabricate. This lead to an odd type of users whose body parts would transform into those of animals instead of becoming an animal. The attempt to create a Logia or Paramecia were mostly deemed impossible to do or copy with how odd the body works with it. However, A team of Marine Scientists decided to try their hand at creating a fruit to allow a user to become an element...

The Puroto Puroto no Mi, or Proto Proto Fruit, earns its name for both being a Prototype of a Devil fruit and what the user basically becomes... Protoplasm. The user of the Puroto Puroto no Mi becomes a living mass of human DNA; A body of living human coloured jelly like goop that allows them to change their body looks or appearance, create new limbs and organs despite the lack of need for them. They can also manipulate and change the bodies of others that they 'invade' or 'bond' with, modifying or mutating them to a degree. Users manipulated to gain or lose anything in this process are not harmed or die in this manner though may gain beneficial or negative effects. Effects disappear when the user falls unconscious. The user can build up mass to a degree, but creating more after a certain threshold creates dead matter that the user cannot manipulate. If a user loses part of their body, it will revert to the same inanimate and unmanipulative goop.

It is unsure what the Puroto Puroto no Mi should be classified as a Logia or Paramecia as while the substance is 'naturally occuring', the user cannot manipulate it outside of their own body or manipulate others without needing contact. It carries it's Logia typing only for failing at what the initial experiment was about
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Puroto Puroto no Mi (WIP)
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