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 Admiral Kurai Senzo (暗い先祖)

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Admiral Kurai Senzo (暗い先祖) Empty
PostSubject: Admiral Kurai Senzo (暗い先祖)   Admiral Kurai Senzo (暗い先祖) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2018 3:00 pm

Name: Harbard D. Thanatos “The Dark Harbinger”

Age: 33

Bounty: N/A

Species: half-giant

Occupation: Admiral, Fighter, Engineer, Biochemist

Theme Song: Legends Never Dis

Allegiance: World Government, Marines

Home Village/Ocean: Tormented Isles

Appearance: [img][/img]
Personality:Mysterious- to be expanded
History: Hardbard was a bastard in the tormented isles, born of a marine giant and a local bounty hunter. The giant left during pregnancy and he was raised as a bounty hunter in the most dangerous area in the new world. He was a prodigy born with observation, and quickly learning and mastering armament. He trained and broke his limits, mimicking a surpassing the techniques and styles used by marines and criminals alike. Eventually he became so powerful, his mother took interest in training him herself, only to find he quickly outmatched her. By the time he was of age, he was able to survive a fight with Behemoth Risa and make multiple successful bounty quests in the tormenting isles. One day, he found the chiri chiri no mi and ate it. Month’s later he was approached by a “draft” by cp-0 offering to make him an admiral. How could he refuse? He worked/trained with the government for 12 years and has finally been given the title promised, having mastered body mind and spirit.

Ship: Navy

Ship Flag:

Special Abilities::
Eidetic Memory: the ability to memorize anything the user participates in, concentrates on, or takes attention to.
Mastered Observation: the user has such precise observation that the user always has it active and can always use precognition effects during combat
Mastered Armament: the user can make the entire body and objects touching the body virtually indestructible to non-haki enhanced damage, having equal durability to the user’s will.
Custom Observation: All is DustCombining observation with his devil fruit, he can see anything the dust touches on a particle, energy, and kinetic level.
Custom Armament: Black Spirit Combing armament with dust, he can create solid black manifestations that are equal in durability to kairoseki, and bypass devil fruit weaknesses and create airblades and shockwaves passively.
Superhuman Body Capable of mastered rokushiki feats but does not use actually use rokushiki himself (ie he can move fast enough to create powerful air blades and shockwaves, tank mighty blows, and is strong enough to lift a large navy battleship with one hand.

Learned Techniques:
Improvise for now, as we may exchange control

Kairoseki-Coated Greatsword
Kairoseki-Coated Bisento
Semi-auto Secret WG Anti-Material Rifle design 8 w/custom grip for pistol-like action from his size. (1 bullet = 1 pierced seaking skull / 1 pierced reinforced battleship.)
Kairoseki Bullets
Kairoseki-Coated Bladed Knuckles

Become Fleet Admiral
Kill the Yonkou
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Admiral Kurai Senzo (暗い先祖)
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