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 Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates"

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PostSubject: Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates"   Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates" Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2018 7:19 pm

Name: "Mr. A of the Dusk Pirates", name unknown

Age: Unknown, pressumably in his mid 20's from his voice.

Bounty: N/A

Species: Human

Occupation: Fighter, Agent of the Dusk Pirates

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Unknown

Masked Appearance (His unmasked appearance will be revealed later on):

History: Mr. A is a pressumably new recruit of the Dusk Pirates. He has joined the crew after the takeover of Raijin Island by the Dusk Pirates and he made his first appearance as a member after the attack of the Unknown Pirates at the island. As a result, his mysterious backstory is tied, according to the Marine Reports to the Unknown Pirates. There are a few guesses that he might be a treacherous member of the Unknown Pirates who defected to the Dusk Pirates to ensure his survival. However, while an agent of the Dusk Pirates, he is rarely seen with the crew and he operates with them under certain conditions.

Since he was personally recruited by Maximillion Maimou, he was dispatched somewhere at the Grand Line in order to meet a certain person Maximillion looked for, a former Warlord, Youri Mountain. With a different appearance at that time, Mr. A operated with Youri all over the Grand Line, performing missions for the Dusk Pirates and gathering sources and intel. The two of them would get along well and teamed up perfectly, until an incident took place. Maximillion was trapped by his former subordinate, Koga "The Sea King Hunter" in a Devil Fruit weapon. As a result, the crew entered a period of crisis, with the major members being under the wing of the Black Cross Pirates, allies of Maximillion and his crew.

This led the business to an end. Youri was no longer needed and he seemed uncontrollable without Maximillion to give him the orders. While Mr. A could handle him on most occassions, Youri's intolerance to anyone besides the man he lastly placed his affiliation on, was more than enough to make the partnership get ruined eventually. As a result, before Youri would defect from the last crew he swore his allegiance to, Mr. A decided to dispose of him and end their partnership. While Youri was sleeping, Mr. A attacked him off guard, injuring him seriously and leaving him for dead on an island. Then, he would return to Manta and the rest of the crew to stick with them.

Nowadays, he is sailing along with the Dusk Pirates on their main and primary mission. To free Maximillion from the Naginata he is trapped into.

Personality: A pretty serious individual, Mr. A is not the person who is going to make any jokes. He can be described as anti-social as he doesn't really stick with people, besides the times he is needed for a mission. He seems to be emotionless and he lacks the need of interracting with people other than doing his job. Finally, he seems to lack any emotions, speaking with a quite emotionless voice. The only occassion he looks like he is worried is whenever somebody is trying to take off his clothes to reveal his body and face. According to Mr. A he has a terribly damaged face for which he is quite sensitive.

Finally, he is quite manipulative, although he stays distant from the crew, with the exceptions of Manta, Frank and Quincy. He is loyal to Manta and follows his orders on most ocassions. Manta seems to trust Mr. A as he was a personal choice of Maximillion as a member of the crew and the two have a relationship based on trust, something weird for Manta and other people. According to the lower ranked members of the crew, Manta can hear Maximillion's emotionless voice whenever Mr. A speaks, making him trust the mysterious man. The same applies with Frank and Quincy, however as Frank is not really interested in anything more than the well-being of the crew, there are quite a few moments in which Mr. A is seen ordering him. Finally, Quincy seems to respect Mr. A and Mr. A does so, from his side.

Ship: The Dusk Pirates ship

Ship Flag: The Dusk Pirates flag

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Shockwave Style: For some reason, Mr. A is capable of performing the Shockwave Style which both Maximillion and Manta are capable of performing. It is pressumed that he was taught the battling style after he defected from the Unknown Pirates. Something weird is the fact that he seems to have mastery over the battling style. As Mr. A claims, he is just a prodigy at Martial Arts. He is capable of performing the basic techniques of the Shockwave Style.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): -Shockwave: Mr. A's fighting style is based on the shockwave attack combinations. Shockwave is a standard shockwave that is the basement for most of his other attacks. It is created by the instant movement of his palms or his feet with great force. It should be noted that the term Shockwave is used for compressed air. It is not to be mistaken with the Shockwaves of Gura Gura no Mi in no way.
-Shockwave Punch: Mr. A punches his enemies with a punch that is echanced by his singature Shockwave.
-Shockwave Kick: Mr. A kicks his enemies with a kick that is echanced by his singature Shockwave.
-Shockwave Rush: Mr. A uses his signature Shockwave with his feet while running to enchance his speed termendously and match Soru.
-Shockwave Shield: Mr. A uses his signature Shockwave with both his hands at the same time, forming a shield that is capable of protecting him from most of attacks.

Weapons/Items: N/A

Goals: The goals of the Dusk Pirates as an organization (Primary)
Unknown (Secondary)

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates"   Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates" Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2018 8:27 pm

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Mr. A "of the Dusk Pirates"
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