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 Ginme Hamakaze (WIP)

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PostSubject: Ginme Hamakaze (WIP)   Ginme Hamakaze (WIP) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2018 7:31 am

Name: Ginme 銀目 ("Silver Eyes")  Hamakaze 浜風 ("Sea Breeze")
Also Gin (Nickname)
Age:  17 years old.
Species: Human.
Gender: Female, Heterosexual.

Loyalty: Marine.
Affiliation: World Goverment.
Occupation: Recruit
Bounty: N/A
Specialty: Trickster.
Goals: To become A sailor/marine of great renown that her hometown can be proud of.
Funds: 50,000,000 Beli)

Posts till next level: #/# (see the thread by thread experience curve in the advanced section)*

-Appearance information-
Physical appearance: (one paragraph minimum per category)

Body: Ginme´s body could best be described as a slender physique with slightly tanned, smooth skin, with long curvy legs and hips. She is rather tall, 6.5 feet tall and has a flat well trained stomache and medium bust size, she weighs around 143.3 Pounds.

Face:  She has slightly sharp chin and a small pointy nose,Ginme´s most pronuced facial feature however is her unusual silver colored eyes. Some of her countrymen says that she is a decendant of the legendary sailor of her home island, Captain "Silver-Eyes" Fuuha ?? ("Wind and Waves") a fearless merchant/trader who would brave any storm to deliver his wares and never cowered in the face of pirates or sea creatures. Her face reflects her brimming confidence, bravery and courage yet has a hint of playfulness.

Hair:  she has long jet black hair with her bangs styled covering over her one eye almost like an eyepatch while the hair on the back is kept into a long ponytail that reaches down her back. (include hair length (given that most people do not have bull cuts it will not be the same length throughout) type (curly, frizzy, wavy, strait ect) hair style and especially color (understand that most people do not have only one shade of one color hair) this includes eyebrows and any facial hair)

Non visual information: (include details of voice, voice pitch, vocal range, any smells, feelings, and yes even tastes if its important, this section has a minimum of three sentences)

Extra features: Nothing in particular but she is almost never seen without a small smoking pipe in her mouth.

Clothing: Ginme wears not a standard baseball cap but a small marine sailors hat made of cotton with a red feather in it´s rim on the side of her head and the Words "MARINE" printed on the front.a white marine sailor jacket that´s slightly too short near her stomache showing off her midriff with a blue neckerchief. She wears a short white skirt and high brown leather boots. Over her sailor jacket she bears a long black coat and she is almost never seen without a small smoking pipe in her mouth.
(include all clothing detail, the material, color, thickness, fitting and position of all garments they wear and anything the carry on their person, please describe at leist three outfits, one paragraph minimum)

-Personality information-

Personality Overview: Personality: Ginme is a brave, courageous soul who will never back down from danger, she is resourceful as well as witty and clever and when in the right mood she can be rather playful. She often has a way to get out of a tight spot. She somewhat tomboyish and is not afraid of dirtying her hand and being involved in a brawl which earned the respect of the adult sailors in her hown town. She has a love and nack for sleight of hand after being showed and learned by another sailor from another town. She cares deeply for her friends and fellow marines will never leave anyone to die or get hurt. She is quite s optimistic person.

Likes, Dislikes, Hopes and Fears: (one paragraph minimum)

-History information-**
Ginme was born in a small harbor town in North Blue called Marblerock Piers 大理石岩 ("マーブルロック ピアー  Maabururokku piaa") known for it´s chalk white cliffs and trading. Her father Boufuu 暴風 ("Wind Storm") Hamakaze  being an excellent, respected and acknowledged sailor in town, great things were expected from her even at  early age. At age 5 her father started to learn her how to tie knots, navigate with the help of the sun and stars, read the way of the wind and geography. By 10 years of age Ginme had been with her father on multiple sea voyages to neighbouring island, working her to the bone making shure to not cuddle her and always being stern and serious toward her. Meanwhile her mother taught her how to write and read, mathematics and how to calculate the value of diffrent wares.

(please divide history in to at least five sections each with a paragraph or more in them, this should include their timeline from their origins and birth, through childhood, adolescence, and any significant events in their lifetime, note that giving a character a special rank or quality may require you to add more sections)

Relationships with other characters: None as of yet.

Health: 100 (+5 per level)


Tactical intelligence:
Practical intelligence:  
Charisma and leadership:
Devil fruit control:
100% total.

(Your characters may start with 110% total)

-Equipment List-
(List all universal equipment and link to all custom equipment here, include each item's cost in your first list)

Thompson Contender 12 000 000 beli.

10 bullets 300,000 beli per bullet. - 3 000,000 beli.

15 throwing knives (one time use only) 1000 beli per knife? - 5000 beli.

1 Knife 1 000, 000 beli. A knife with Waves engraved into the blade. No special abilities.

Leather Backpack 2500 Beli.

3 Bread loafs 500 Beli. 1500

3 meter lenght of rope 1000 beli.

1 lighter 250 beli.

33,989,750 beli left.


Ability Points:(Your character can start with a total of 20 abilities points to spend on abilities)

Passive traits: (anything the user is born with and/or does not have to “activate”)

Devil Fruit: Jara-Jara no mi (Chain-Chain Fruit)

Talents: (non combat based special skills, weather or not you can have talents is determined by your practical knowledge stat.)

Learned skills: (include the categories their techniques will be from)

Techniques lists:^
(link to any and all technique lists)

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Ginme Hamakaze (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ginme Hamakaze (WIP)   Ginme Hamakaze (WIP) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2018 7:48 am

Make sure to put WIP in the title to let us know you're still working on it/

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

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Ginme Hamakaze (WIP)
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