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 Dust Fruit

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PostSubject: Dust Fruit   Dust Fruit Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2018 2:16 am

Name: Chiri Chiri no Mi
Type: Logia
Capabilities: The user becomes a living dust man, creating, controlling, and becoming dust. Dust is defined as loose particles, including minerals, top soil, dead skin cells, ground gravel, ash, and etc., anything that could make a dust storm and ranges in colors of brown gray and black. When the dust makes contact liquid, it becomes mud and is unusable as a devil fruit element. Dust is a plague smothers all it touches in its storm, and as a result has elemental superiority to many non-liquid elements, but not nearly all. The user has a touch effect to the area directly making contact with until they crumble to dust. This has a not-immediately-lethal effect on life forms, and can often be reversed with water for such.
Weaknesses: Standard df weaknesses, water neutralizes dust, fishman karate
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PostSubject: Re: Dust Fruit   Dust Fruit Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2018 10:19 pm

Dust Fruit Dead_Jiraiya_Approves_by_Blue_Ten

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Dust Fruit
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