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 Idol Pirates

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PostSubject: Idol Pirates   Idol Pirates Icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2018 4:03 pm

Idol Pirates

Flag: A skull and crossbones bearing the captains crown and purple hair with the Pigtails encircling the emblem before meeting at the bottom with the massive mace heads.
Ship: Gildra's small sailing vessel. Only one room with a kitchen and bed and washroom that is shared so far. Seeking a larger ship for more crew members.
Side: Pirate
Current Members:
GIldra Gracieux (Storm)
Despite having no formal bounty on 'her' yet, Gildra has a certain royal elegance and manner to her along with a goal. She seeks to gain power to claim her former homeland and transform it into a land of beauty, and perhaps even taking the mantle of Pirate King change the world to see and accept her idea of elegance and beauty standards. Also works as the ships chef due to how she was raised, providing energy replenishing and healthy meals for all. She pushes forth the corrupt idea of beauty that she places upon her crew to be as dashing or adorable as they can while being as deadly as can be. She treats herself as a Princess, keeping mostly the fine manners and looks of such and will abhore the idea of someone placing themselves above her.

Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow (Storm)
More easy going and mature, Kokoa joined as her odd attire and manner was seemingly adored by Gildra. Her navigation is not as fine as many others one could find on the Grand Line, But she is a great cartographer and muscle for the crew. Her Paddo-Paddo no mi makes her amazingly soft and comfortable to sleep on or with. She simply seeks to travel to gain riches to retire in comfort for what she wants to do and she highly doubts there is anywhere that would allow her to do such with the way she wants to style herself. I mean, Marine coats just don't seem to come in black...

HAHA Unti #31 "Jesty"(Storm)
A mysterious member, Gildra picked up this performer before Kokoa. She states she simply asked the performing jester to perform and it did. She then asked for it to join her for a meal and it did. Taken by its 'cute' appearance and love of sugar, she asked it to join her crew. And it simply laughed, nodded and followed her. Gildra seems to find nothing wrong with it or have any clue about the strange performer, Or is even aware about the bounty for any such unit. It is hers and she loves it, not even knowing what it can even do besides the various performance tricks she has seen it do. That was enough for her it seemed.

Crew Goals: Fame and Wealth, And to each their own. The highest goal that can wished to be reached is that of Pirate King no doubt.
Crew Requirements: Most are welcome, but they must learn to keep clean and stylish at times. One must have a certain presentation to them when the time comes and be willing to accept what the captain offers them to wear at times. Only the ghastly, disgusting and most dirty of people would be refused.
Crew History: Fast-forwarded past the founding on a small port on the Grandline, The crew has only been recently formed and taking to the sea to look for more crew members who wish to seek adventure and power or wish to join the doctrine that Gildra has set forth.
Expeting new members?: Yes

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Idol Pirates
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