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 Zereth zeidukiyo the merchant

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PostSubject: Zereth zeidukiyo the merchant   Zereth zeidukiyo the merchant Icon_minitimeSat Apr 01, 2017 8:51 pm

Name: Zereth Zeidukiyo

Age: 25

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: trader, merchant (jack of all trades due to all personalities and memories resting inside him would be more correct however)

Allegiance: himself, he trades with everyone be it the navy pirates world goverment or royality

Home Village/Ocean: born on a small unknown island in the grandline

(ignore the scar and that picture is accurate)

Zereth stands at six feet and six inches, but weighing in at 140lbs. He is exceptionally strong; looking athletic and compact with wiry muscles, honed to their perfection. He is possessed of angular features and striking high cheekbones. He has  shoulder long wavy hair. that and his green eyes along with his extravagant clothing have casued more then one woman to fall for his charm.
The first thing a person usually notice about Zereth is his extravagant clothing.
On top of his normal clothes he wears a long deep purplish jacket wich have gold stripes running vertically along it and has 3 small gold buttons at his waist. The collar of the jacket has thin lines of gold trimming it on the inside. Infront of that gold is what look like a leafy Ivey pattern also in gold. Just below the the collar of the jacket it has two thin lines of gold that trim around the edges of the jacket near the top also- The outside of the jackets collar appears to be a light blue ribbon like pattern with small spirals in it.
Flowing from the back of the jacket is a deep colored long flowing cape. He also wears a long white scarf losly over it. He also wear a pair of white gloves. he wears a white dress shirt that seems to be made out of silk or similar material, with what appears to be lace going down the front. At the coller of the shirt there is a large ruffle of lace some of which are trimmed in gold color much like the shirts collar. He has a light bluish ribbon tied around his neck in a bow making it look like a tie. In the center of the bow is a leafy gold setting, in which a large red gem. At the bottom of the gold setting 2 thin gold chains come out and then disappears under the shirts collar.  Comparing to his extravagant upper body wear his pants looks rather normal. A pair of black slender/slim pants with a purple belt. The buckle looks like its made of gold in the shape of a spiraly heart with little swirls at the bottom edges

Accesoaries: He smokes from time to time so a box of cigar can be seen in his pocket with a delicately designed lighter. The thin gold chain on his buckle are actually attached to a beutifully crafted silver Pocket watch with gold patterns on it. Allthough not possesing any abilities it have great sentimental value to Him. he also seen with a cane most of the time

History: Zereth is from quite a well known and rich noble merchant family. His father owning the company and his mother being a marine . With both of them gone it fell upon his grandfather a retired marine to raise Zereth. His training begun at a very young age being taught how to read and write, mathematics politics business.. Everything a nobleman would have to know and beyond. His days where tough and they only got tougher the older he got. Alas to his grandfathers and parents surprise Zereth did not complain or cry even once in fact he seemed to enjoy it thrive in the challenges thrown at him always willing to learn more.

At the age of 10 his grandfather decided that it was time to also take the training in a more physical route after all the world was a dangerous place. begun to train him in more physical aspects not really martial arts but styles and techniques to help one strengthen their body.  It was also around this time his mom got injured on a marine mission and lost a leg, in a raid against a pirate ship, after that accident she retired she became more of a secretary aiding her husband with his business and keeping track of the finances, and on her spare time she begun creating a garden where she grew medical plants. Zereth helped her on his spare time and in return and by the advice of her dad she taught zereth fencing.

It was a happy time in Zereth life  from morning to noon he trained with his grandfather. from noon to bedtime he spent time with his mother who taught him fencing and improved on the pyhsical aspects of his lessons, This quickly became daily routine for Zereth and it went on for years. His mother also told him stories about her times in the marines. at the age of 18 it was decided that he would begun following his fathers on the business trips to learn more about the family business and being a merchant.  Although when doing his first business deal he got horribly scammed. his father calmly watched and told his son  that reading about things in a book is one thing but actually putting it into practice is another and that what just happened was a lesson he would have to learn.

When he was not on trips with his father learning about business building a network, he continued his training with his grandfather and mother. As Zereths skill and knowledge about the business grew his father begun to let him go on trips alone. It was on one of these trips he came across a devil fruit. it simply appeared in one of the crates of fruit. Not knowing what it was he researched it therally and eventually learned of it being a devil fruit and after further research he learned what type of fruit it was, Realizing the fruits potential and how it could help him achive his goal he ate it. To not be able to swim would be a small price to pay. He begun mostly in secret training his devil fruit powers, and as he got better control over them the more the company seemed to grow and now at age 25 while not super famous the zeidukiyo industries are known in the four blues and he have now set his eyes on the grandline.

Personality: Noble. Everything about Zereth from his elegant attire to his aristocratic features boldly announce his heritage and upbringing. Raised as the scion of the Zeidukiyo Clan, Zereth is versed in all manner of business relations, politics and leadership. As a child he was subjected to brutal, even harsh training regiments and was demanded to exceed them for his grandfather expected no less. While his father journeyed far and wide around the world on buisness, the grandfather would shoulder the burden of rearing his grandson into a proper and productive member of society,

Despite the hardships, Zereth not only rose to the challenge but thrived in it. He possesses a rare thirst for knowledge that is insatiable, taking to his instruction with a zeal that left even his grandfather inwardly amazed. He studied everything he could get his hands on; the sciences, biology, engineering, and the creative arts of self expression such as music, poetry and philosophy. He absorbed all that he could find and more.

Yet he is a noble. Such upbringing when combined with his genius have made Zereth supremely confident in himself and his abilities. His tone, while eloquent can often come off as condescending and snobbish. His respect is difficult to earn and he is slow to trust. These features however when wrapped together to form the persona that is Zereth give him a natural charisma. People look to him because he is confident, they respect his authority because he is commanding and decisive, and they value his opinion for he displays a rare intellect.

His reasons for fighting, for pushing beyond the limits be it himself or the sciences he studies are difficult to ascertain. He performs these tasks with such stoicism its a wonder why he does them at all. At first glance the answer appears simple; pride. Pride would demand nothing less than his best, and that he put to use the skills he was graced with. The other reason is that he enjoys pushing himself to the limits and beyond

never once will he turn his back to those too weak to defend themselves against the strong. He is few of friends, but protects and guards those around him fiercely, exacting retribution upon those who sought to harm them. Though he sheds no tears for those who perish under his employment, he holds himself responsible and endeavors to ensure that they are properly laid to rest and their killers put to justice. He can be relentless, and uncompromising in his ideals, but shows a profound level of empathy for those he protects and fights against, grasping their ideology like a fellow brother. Even when he cuts them down with his words and and shatters their pride with his weapons and abilities., there is no hatred, but understanding.

Ship: The mercator

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Trade Trade fruit
Type: Paramecia
Effect: is a Paramecia type Devil fruit that allows its user to exchange anything they have for something belonging to another person. The two things in the exchange will swap locations into the new owners possession. this does not only apply for objects. (see fruit link for more info)

Special Abilities:
Eidetic Memory: the ability to memorize anything the user participates in, concentrates on, or takes attention to. this is great part in. This along with the ability to trade knowledge is one of the reasons to his sucsess as it makes it very easy for him to use the knowledge to its full potential. intresting enough this is not something he was born with but that he sorta noticed after eating the devil fruit. this is probally to help and keep the person sane from all memories and such.

Charisma: Zereth has learned the finer points of psychology, sociology, acting, and literature; Making him a very charismatic man able to lie, act, speak, and etc impeccably, greatly aiding him in his buisness deals.

Jack of all trades: He have alot of knowledge but not practical skills within many diffrent fields. tailor carpenter mechanic musician. you name it he probally knows alittle about it something that is very useful within his field of work.

Fencing: as a way to relax but also as a way to defend himself. Zereth's swordsmanship  is a single-handed sword style that primarily focuses upon damage inflicted by thrusting attacks and swift slashing strikes. The style of fencing Zereth has cultivated revolves around the skillful manipulation of one's weight alongside the importance of footwork and speed.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Contract: Zereth can create a parchment upon wich a deal/trade can be written, Objects/knowledge, that are traded like this is bound by the rules that applies to the bai bai no mi it should be stated that only object and memories can be traded like this. nothing else. And that the both parties need to touch the contract after they both signed it to fufill it.
Zereth have now achived such a level of power and control that the contract can do all the fruit itself can.

i will trade this:  a  technique letting him actually trade a thing for another with himself, for example trade a pen for a sword he keeps in one of his warehouses.  it only works on objects however and he need to touch what he want to swap.  
An exception is when he does a trade with another person for let say. a priceless sword they have in storage for a pricless pistol he owns as they would swap places once the trade is complete if both parties so agrees.

Weapons/Items: Zereths special weapon/items

Goals: gather as much knowledge and skills as he can, and spread his merchant empire around the entire grand line. (monopolizing trade basically)
everyone marine pirate and goverment nobles alike have to get supplies food clothes weapons, so its not the pirate king or the goverment who rules the world its the one who controls the merchandise)

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Zereth zeidukiyo the merchant
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