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 Night Goddess Sword

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PostSubject: Night Goddess Sword    Night Goddess Sword  Icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2015 9:04 pm

b]Technique list name:[/b]Night Goddess Sword Style

Overview: Powers bestowed upon the Dark Crusade by the Nyx - Goddess of Night fruit.  A list devoted to powers of Nyx and their combination with Iken's sword techniques.  Allows the user to wield the sword that has eaten the Nyxx fruit.  The user must not only control his movements with skill he must also learn to control  (or rather reason with) the powerful Goddess of Night; Nyx.  

User: Iken Namikaze

History: (how did the user come to be able to use these techniques? You are aloud to copy-paste from your characters history here)


-Level Eighteen-

Name: Kingdom of Night

Type: Devil Fruit Sword

Description: The user take the blade and cuts out an area that then becomes as if it was night. Kingdom of night can also be activated by the goddess possessing the blade without having to draw an area.

Effect: The user is able to create an area of night that would be their domain where they could use their power of the night. For every 10% of devil fruit mastery Nyx could create 30 meters diameter of the night domain.

Level learned: 18

Stat Requirements: 90% Devil fruit

Name: Shadow Possession

Type: Devil Fruit Sword

Description: Night being the original shadow has control over any shadow produced. Nyx's power over shadow allows the user of the fruit to combine with a shadow and either increases the power of or even immobilize the owner of said shadow.

Effect: When combined with a shadow, Nyx passes on or removes all natural stats from the user equal to her own. For Nyx to combine with the shadow, she must either touch it for several posts (5) or if it is in her night area. When Nyx combines with a shadow, the owner of the shadow take on physical traits of Nyx; the trait(s) can be subtle or loud. As a general rule of thumb if Nyx is restricting someone the trait is small while if she's aiding, the trait is bigger such as body shape or hair color.

Level learned: 18

Stat Requirements: 80% Devil fruit

Name: Plague King

Type: Devil Fruit Sword

Description: Infects foes or even an unsatisfactory user with one of several curses. Nyx, after being the goddess of night is a mother to many of the plagues of man. To active a "plague" the user, while in the form of Nyx must touch the foe or lure the foe into the area of night or be in the night and have a direct view of the victim.

Effect: One touch will reduce the stat or number, which the particular curse reduces by 1% for every 10% of the user’s current devil fruit mastery. That would mean at 100% the touch would remove just 10%. The touches and curses can be stacked however only one touch and curse can be applied per turn. All curses last the length of the thread, unless specified otherwise.


•Curse of fate and death removes tactical intelligence, causing the foe to make stupid mistakes that may fate them death. If a foe would die while the curse is active, they would be swallowed by night and then their body could be used for the remainder of eternity.

•Curse of sleep and dreams causes drowsiness that dulls the senses; it lowers the foe's perception. If the user goes to sleep or becomes unconscious while this curse if active it can drain health, if the user so chooses; by the same amount per turn rather than lower perception; it's due to the vivid nightmares it creates. The foe will be unable to wake themselves for 1 turn per every 10% devil fruit mastery the user possess.

•Curse of strife and destiny or doom causes the victim to lose or gain endurance via a dice roll. 1-3 equals a loss for the victim while a 4-6 equals a win. Any endurance taken can be inflicted onto anyone the user choses by the same means as the curse. Endurance that is given by the dice roll portion of the curse lasts for 10 posts.

•Curse of blame, deceit, and retribution reduces the victim’s leadership and charisma. If when this curse is active any captains or vice captains, have their charisma and leadership reduced below 20% lose the ability to lead their crews (loses the use of captain gained npcs). Losing the ability to lead the crew causes the crew members to lose respect for the captain for the remainder of the thread which could cause crew members to leave the crew permanently.

•Curse of sunset and old age is twofold. First this curse decreases the time it takes for night to come to five (5) posts when it is dusk. The curse of old age increases the victim’s age which increases or decreases speed by the same amount. If the user is aged to an age below 40 they gain speed however if it’s an age over 40 they lose speed. Obviously once the victims speed reaches 0 they become immobile but if it goes below zero it in turn drains away their health by that amount.

•Curse of friendship boosts the victim’s charisma and leadership causing them to gain friends (captain npcs) only to lose them shortly after (end of the thread). This may also create tension on a crew where the crew sees their captain as a worse captain than he/she used to be after the curse is lifted.

•Curse of pain and poison causes the victim to lose both health and endurance. The user loses health per turn rather than per touch however as the poisoning can be cured by a doctor with practical intelligence equal or greater to the users devil fruit mastery the poisoning can be stacked. If the victim was losing 10hp per turn they'd stat to lose 20hp when stacked once. When a doctor goes to cure it, it takes 1 turn per 10% of the user’s devil fruit mastery for it to be cured if the doctor's practical intelligence is equal to the user's devil fruit mastery. If the doctor has a higher practical intelligence it takes one turn per 10% of the user’s devil fruit mastery minus 1 for every % the practical intelligence is greater than the fruit mastery. With only 10% more in practical intelligence the user can cure it instantly.

•Curse of Despair reduces the victim's speed as fear immobilizes. If the curse is cast three times the victim will lose the ability to activate gears, haki, or forms even if they're activated passively. Furthermore if the victim's speed goes below zero they lose the will to live, they give up on life much like the effects of the Horo Horo no Mi. The loss of the will to live lasts for five posts but if the victim is hit by the curse again it will reset back to five posts regardless of the current post count.

Level learned: 18

Stat Requirements: 100% Devil fruit

Name: Night Wave

Type: Devil Fruit Sword

Description: A simple but powerful technique that allows either Nyx or the swordsman to create a sharp blade made from night and launch it forth

Effect: Creates a blade of night equal in power and speed to the devil fruit mastery of Nyx. When used in sword form the attack combines with the sword wielders strength creating a more power wave technique. While in sword form the technique activates when the user grips Nyx with a specific amount of strength.

Level learned: 18

Stat Requirements: 20% devil fruit and 20% skill + #% strength or agility.

Name: Chaos Blade

Type: Devil Fruit Sword

Description: Nyx was shaped and formed from chaos and thus has influences of chaos within night. Touching a living enemy, the user can place them into an illusion of chaos that slowly drains away their health. By touching something that isn't living, the use can transform the substance into any other.

Effect: The illusions take away 1hp of health and 1% perception per turn for every 10% of devil fruit mastery. The touch can be stacked, with one touch per turn. For an example of the second part the user could change coal into gold.

Level learned: 18

Stat Requirements: 50% devil fruit and 10% skill.

(note that no technique list can have more than five level zero techniques) -Level one-

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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