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PostSubject: Haki   Haki Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2015 4:18 pm

Haki:Getting Started in the Main Section

• Each user is limited to three haki slots, as it is in the section for devil fruits.  One slot allows three colors, the second two, and the final only one color.  Initially the character, no matter which slot they have; will only be able to use one color - armament or observation.  The character must have a minimum of 50 posts to obtain a haki slot.    

• A character may earn more colors, assuming they have the correct slot by simply posting.  Once a character has reached 25 more posts, they can obtain a second color.  To obtain the final color a character must have a total of at least 200 role play posts including the character.  

• Conqueror’s Haki will only be allowed on 1 character max, minimum requirement of 200 posts.

• Conqueror’s Haki can work limitlessly against npcs, allowed the user to devastate users trying to play with npc armies.  For the ability to work on characters, certain strict conditions must be met.  The victim must have a roleplay score of half of the user.  To determine rp score several factors must be known.  First the user gets one point per rp post.  Posts with more than three paragraphs will get one point per paragraph (you may not go back and edit old posts).  Each thread givers the character 10 points.  The character obtains 50 points a year from the date of first approval.  

• Armor’s Haki does not make you immune to damage. It shall at most act as a buffer to minimize damage, or a boost to deal more damage than you normally would.  The defense attribute would be as durable as steel while the attack aspect would enhance attacks by 5.  Minimum of 25 posts as primary or 75 posts as secondary.  

• Allows the user to hit intangible logia and damage users with devil fruits that would normally defend against an attack.  Examples of defensive reduction would be canceling out Luffy's rubber immunity to physical trauma and canceling out Jozu's hardness.  

• Similarly, Observation’s does not allow you to auto-dodge.  When against an npc or a prearranged fight this color can be used as seen in the anime/manga.   Against an actual character, it allows the character to “see through” an incoming attack once the impact is close to occurring.  It is advised that you use this color with care as to make things interesting, enjoyable, without “cheating”.  Seeing how to avoid/block/dodge, an attack does not mean the character will be able to do so.  

• As thus, Observation’s color will be mainly treated as a means to have your character be more alert than the average character, and NOT as a means to just casually dodge impossible-to-evade moves or acts.

• It is highly advised to work your way into “training” one’s Haki over time (role-playing), as opposed to just randomly having mastery over it.

• Custom Haki is a special thing and therefor must be earned.  Staff members get one custom haki to add to which ever haki slot/color they so choose.  Regular member can obtain a custom haki color through events and having over 500 posts in one particular character.  Any custom haki will be applied to a random slot, however the user will be able to choose the color.  The character that the custom haki is applied to must have the minimum of 500 posts.  

• Custom Haki must be posted in the Haki forum separately from the registration thread. An admin is required to approve the custom color. Custom haki colors is a device to combat Awakened devil fruit users, and thus must have draw backs all the same.

Sign up for haki in the Haki forum.

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