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 Deth Metal Pirates

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PostSubject: Deth Metal Pirates   Deth Metal Pirates Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2015 7:48 pm

Crew Name: Tetsu Oni Pirates
Captain: Vinnic D. Rax (w.i.p)
Flag: A black elongated triangle with a demons skull and the word Tetsu behind
Ship: Ironsides (w.i.p)
Current Members:

Vinnic D. Rax

Crew Goals: Once a part of the Tetsu Oni pirates a persons goals become that of everyone else's, Vinnic feels it his obligation to help his crew reach their dreams.

Find his missing sister
Find the one piece
Help his crew achieve their goals.

Crew History: Starting in Logue Town

Expeting new members?: Yes, anyone is welcome to join but please be able to post more than a one liner, and I'm thinking max two new crew members per arc.
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Deth Metal Pirates
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