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 Serious Flashback: Truth Behind a Dark Night (Closed - Privet 18+)

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PostSubject: Serious Flashback: Truth Behind a Dark Night (Closed - Privet 18+)   Serious Flashback: Truth Behind a Dark Night (Closed - Privet 18+) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2015 10:42 pm

Iken and Emily stood at the front of a large gate connected to a fence that encircled a massive mansion in the center of a rickety little village. Inside the fence there was a lush garden and a walkway that appeared to be made of gold; completely different from the poverty of the village. The village was comprised of small huts that could barely be considered housing, they truly lived in squalor. It seemed as if the mansion was meant to be secluded from the common folk as much as possible. The residents of the mansion were most likely treated like nobility due to their ability which is the sole reason for Iken's and his companion's visit.

In Iken's quest for his naive ideals of justice and freedom, the once great Yonkou was struck down. The battle with Maximillian left Iken defeated and wounded beyond the abilities of a conventional physician. Iken in a frantic search came upon a rumor of a doctor that could heal and wound and treat any illness. There was only one way to assure Iken could protect what was dear to him, he needed to get back to full health and protect it himself. Iken knew even with his death there are those that would kill what he held close just for the fame or even in spite of Iken. One particular person was none other than the Blood Demon himself, Derge; Iken's own cousin. Their struggle was one of biblical proportion and had been going on for years. The reign of tyranny would only end with Derge's death. Iken feared that in his current condition, there was none other that could take out Derge before it was too late.

Standing front of the gate Emily was firmly told that the belli, enough to buy a small country; was just to set up an appointment that wouldn't take place until years later. The guard eyed the two cloaked figures cautiously. Iken leaned on a stick barely able to stand in place any longer. The once might Yonkou's body was covered nearly from head to toe in bandages that were beginning to soak through. It was apparent that Emily and Iken needed to go and recollect themselves. The two had purchased a small hut on the outskirts of town when they first found out there was a long wait for the doctor's service. Getting a large amount of beli wasn't all that hard for Iken, but getting into his supply without it without giving away their position was another altogether. It took the couple several months just to get the beli and now it could take years before Iken could be treated. If there was anything that the two were certain of, Iken barely had a few months left; little lone years.

Once the two got back to the shack, Iken just stared out the window without saying a word. The whole situation had shattered his pride; Emily had to practically do everything for him as his health deteriorated. By the time they had reached the shack she was practically carrying him. “We’re going to have to go back tonight, under the cover of deep darkness. With the size of that mansion we should be able to force the doctor to do what we want without raising any suspicion in the village.” Iken said looking out the window. The sun was a few hours from setting and there was one that that could take Iken’s mind off of his injuries more than anything, even the morphine paled in comparison to his desire. Iken shot up a double dose of his morphine before standing. He walked over to Emily and softly caressed her stomach that carried his child. “All that matters to me in this world is right here in front of me. Whether we succeed tonight or not, your life is the top priority. Got that?” Iken said leaning in for a kiss.

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Serious Flashback: Truth Behind a Dark Night (Closed - Privet 18+)
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