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 Devil Fruit Organization

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit Organization   Devil Fruit Organization Icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 5:47 pm

The devil fruit section has long sense been a disaster. For years, we have let disorganization and clutter rule the section, making it inconvenient for staff and membes alike in the creation and approval process. We have found action must be taken to serve the needs of the site and extinguish this error in maintenance.

Over a the next while, administrators shall be reorganizing the devil fruit area. We will retire the majority of fruits; retire means it was never approved for an extened period of time, or has not been used in a long time and needs to be relocated. Duplicate fruits, deleted fruits, and etc will be removed. We will update the paramecia, logia, and zoan approved lists as necessary to assist in finding the fruits. New applications should remain in the main sign up section as always.

Once a devil fruit is approved, it will be locked, meaning you will have no ability to make replies. If you wish to update your fruit, you may create a new one under the same name in the pending area. When it is approved, the old version shall be retired. If a fruit that is approved is not being used and you wish to update it, you may create a duplicate as well. We will determine on a case-to-case basis whether or not to retire the old fruit, and replace it with the newly approved fruit, or deny the applications on said grounds.

If there are any applications you wish to recover, you may resubmit them. You will be able to find them in the retired section or, if the transferal has not been completed at that time, in the pending area.

The new devil fruit section shall allow users to recycle old ideas via the retired section, know what to avoid from the denied section, and know what's already there in the approved section. Lists with short summaries and hyperlinks to the threads will be made in due time for user convenience. The approved devil fruit list shall continue to be divided into the three types for user convenience. The transition may take some time and may not be the most appealing process, but we will salvage what we have and make a great finished product. Thank you for your patience.
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Fruit Organization   Devil Fruit Organization Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18, 2015 6:56 pm

I am more than glad to announce that all the Devil Fruits have been moved to their matching sections. The job was difficult considering that there were Devil Fruits which were never approved or denied so we acted on our own behalf. Also, some Devil Fruit threads were deleted as they were either copies of an already existing fruit or they were deleted by the user but the topic remained (the user couldn't delete the moderator's posts). Furthermore, fruits which were not approved for being copies of already existing canon or non-canon fruits were also deleted. However, we have kept some fruits with the same theme as the abilities differed between them despite being based on the same thing. Lastly, I would also like to remark that mistakes may have been made during the process but the staff did their best. Thank you.

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Devil Fruit Organization
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