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 Gaia Island

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PostSubject: Gaia Island   Gaia Island Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2014 3:45 pm

Name: Gaia Island
Flag: Is a Light Purple background with the word is Black saying on it "Gaia Islaehind it their is the  symbol of Gaia the Meliae Tree.
Location: Gradline Paradise
Ruler/Territory: Marines and The 5 Royal Holy Knights of Gaia

(Four line minimum starts here)
Geography :
Gaia Island is large Island with 5 Sectors the Northern Forest , Eastern Plains , Western Ruins, Southern Marine Base, And in the center Gaia City the largest and most important place on the island, with the Forest, Plains, Ruins, and Marine Yard Each has a port on it. The Northern Forest is a dense Forest that has been their since the settlers first set foot on the island it has only one town in the entire sector called  Arges town. Eastern Plans is a flat Plain area as the names say it. It is A grassy plain that has totaly flat it has a few towns but the port town were most of the major shop are at is called Brontes Town. Southern Marine Base is the 2nd largest town on the island it has the largest of the 4 port towns and is the most active it has houses made from stone and wood and has many diffrent types of shops. The marine Base located their is a on large hill looking over the entire town of Steropes. The sector is The western ruins made it has many ruins from some of the first people to set foot on the island it is made from many types of stone only the port town has the newest building and and the port town where the is called Cottus Town . Finally is center city It is take up the entire center of the island built around the mountain that on the Top has the "Holy Gaia Church" which is the main church and largest building on the island the building it self is made from many different types of stone.

Weather: The climate of this island depends on the Sector your in most of the time because of the size of the island.  The Northern Forest is cold and it snow from time to time and often it has temperatures of around 10-50 degrees. The Eastern Plains is on the other hand the hottest part of the island it has temperatures of around 60-80 degrees. The rest of the island has a normal and nice temperatures from around 50-70 degrees.

Population:The main Race on the are Humans but over the years on the island many species can to live on the island including a few Giants, Half-Giants, Longleg Tribesmen and Longarm Tribesmen now live on the island. The Humans on the Island grew to live in each sector of the island to survive better. Most of the Humans in the northern forest have grown strong from chopping the trees and and have a resistance to the cold of the sector. The Plains People have darken skin and have grow resistance to the heat of this part of the island. The people of the other 3 sectors have not needed to change much since the found of the island.

Northern Forest Animals and Plant life
Meliae Tree- Are a type of tree only found on Gaia island they have white leaves that have green tints to them that glisten in the sun

Grey Wolfs
White-Tailed Deer
Short-tailed Weasel
Arctic Fox
Arctic Wolf
Red-Tailed Hawk
Snowy Owl

Eastern Plains Wild Life

Red Foxes
Field Mice
Ferruginous Hawk
Jumping spider
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
The other Sectors are more city based and do not have that many animals

Economy and production: The main export of the island are "Meliae Trees" for use in making ships to ever day furniture  it many shops they Economy is good their is not much poverty and their are many jobs. The Island it self has many site and shops for use and keeps them running from people coming and wanting to see the Church and its elegant and beautiful design.

Defense: Protected By the Marines and the Gaia Navy's they have a total of 5 fleets of 5 ships. And a Very Large Battle ship owned by the navy to help Protect the island.

Military: Gaia Islands has a Army of Men Called the "Gaia Army" which has many different ranks and groups.

The 5 Royal Holy Knights of Gaia : These are the Strongest And the 5 Leaders of the island. They Protect and lead the 5 sectors of the island each leads their own sector and each has their own private and elite group of fighters of 3 Men/Women each hand picked and trained by them they lead the island and each are born and raised and chosen by their predictor or by privet law to lead by the people of their sector.

The Holy Gaia Knights: The Hand picked Groups of Fighters for  The 5 Holy Knights of Gaia. They are Power full and deadly they are the leaders of the Police force and the army when they are not directly command by the 5 Holy Knights.

Gaia's Holy Navy:The Sea Force of the Island they are train with normal Marines At the Marine base but Said on the island to protect Gaia from Pirates the work with the Marines Forces. They have 3 Fleets of 5 Ships With a full crew of normal Marines and Gaia Navy on them.

The Gaia Elite Soldiers: These are the the Strongest and highest ranked Soldier special trained to fight stronger and faster then the Foot Soldiers. They are around 500 strong.

The Gaia Foot Soldiers: The foot Soldier of the Gaia army They are trained in the to fight and protect the island in case of war or major atacks. Around 10,000 Strong.

The Gaia Police:The Gaia Island Police force they are not part of the military but help keep the piece they have a Police station in ever town with around a ten man Squad per station.

Philosophy and beliefs: They believe in the Holy Mother Gaia. they Believe that She is and all-knowing and Caring Goddess. In their religion they believe that Gaia Gave birth to the earth and Made all of the Creatures on it. There Religion is basic Creationism and teaches them to basic right and wrong and such. They believe that if they live a good Life they will join mother Gaia in the Other Realm and if they do not go by their teachings they will disperse and not move on to be forever in a realm over forever being alone and with nothing.

Government: Gaia is Ruled By The 5 Holy Knight of Gaia. They Each rule their own sector but in order to make laws they have a Meeting ever month to discuses. Each of the Knights Live on the Port Towns or in the case of the Knight of the Center Sector near the holy Church to make sure that they can protect they can protect them in case of attacks. The knights them self elect their Leader who is the one to make the final call it is usually the Center Sector Knight is the leader but their has been knight from other sectors that has been the leader. And Gaia Island and the Meliae Trees are Her Gift to Her Followers and the world.

(two paragrpah minimum starts here)
History: (include discovery, founding, any wars and segnificant events).
Gaia Island was founded around 500 years ago when found and the first leader of the Holy Gaia Church 'Cronos Sanctus' originated from a different island that was dieing he told the people of his island this "I was given a vision. A Vision of a goddess that created the world she said to me "My child I have chosen you Pure of Heart and Strong of will To lead The villagers of this island to a Place. A place where you will thrive and live in peace. I will Give you a power to lead the people to this island," Showing a Picture of what is now Gaia Island. She Continued "You we lead only the people pure of heart and Void of evil to this island and my Child i will give you all of the rules you will fallow buy and if you do and any one else who does will Live a good and health life," and so she told him the Rules to a good life and he called them "Gaia's Holy Rule of Life". And so he Gathered all of the People that would believe in him and where pure of heart those, 90 People he lead across the sea and to what they would call in the name of the Goddess that lead them and they pray to Gaia island.

When They arived on the island Cronos was given another Vision this one told Gaia him how to lead this island and how to make it flourish. She said "Young child You have Fallowed my word and have arrived on my sacred land on this land Their is a Tree that grow Know here else you will chop this tree but for ever tree you chop you will plant 2 more to make sure my gift live on for you Children and your Children's Children. These tree will be Called The Meliae Tree. Also you will split the island into 5 parts and make the strongest warriors on each Their leaders. The 5 part will be spilt into North, South, East, West and Center and on the Center their is a Large hill on the hill you will build a church to me out of only stones you find on this island and you will lead the curch and the center Part of the island as you have been given my strength. You will hold a contest to see who will lead the other four to any man or woman to lead that part and will have a counsel of 5 this is my last message to you but always remember I love you and all of my children and I will always be watching above you'" She said as she rippled away. And so Cronos told the people and the first 5 leaders were form and called them "The 5 Royal Holy Knights of Gaia".
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Gaia Island Dead_Jiraiya_Approves_by_Blue_Ten

Iken Namikaze

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Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Gaia Island
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