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 Armageddon ( my original fiction universe)

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Armageddon ( my original fiction universe) Empty
PostSubject: Armageddon ( my original fiction universe)   Armageddon ( my original fiction universe) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 11:12 pm

Hello guys, this is for whoever wants to read on a little universe I'm putting together. Fictional and Sci-Fy. This is just a quick little info guide on it so far. On a different note, if you want to add to it by making an alien or planet, that's cool and I appreciate it! You will get due credit If it ever turns into anything of notice.

The age if Armageddon started on a day not well forgotten by humans. An Arevor vessel snuck past earths defenses and landed, drilling into the core. Upon completing this they dropped a Gamma Bomb into the core and When they cleared orbit they detonated it. Only one slice of earth was left and not roasted. A fraction of Greece, Italy and Africa. Now this is called The Earth Memorial Field, it is where important figures, generals, war heros are buried. After that incident, the humans joined the Taneech into a war with the Arevor. Sovereigns Armies prepared and got ready for conflict.

Sovereign: A mix of Aliens and humans under the government of Sovereign. A representative from each sector of planets attends the moon over the asteroid field that was earth, now with a facility for the councils meetings. They vote on new laws, agendas or major events that include them. They also take the people's needs and voice them. Each section of planets is protected by a 'Legion' of Sovereigns soldiers. The list I have so far:

1st  'Prussians'
2nd  'Hampsha'
3rd  'Rhino Horns'
5th  'Templars'
8th  'God-Borne'
12th  'Warhawks'
14th 'Herdsmen'
22nd  'Rottweilers'
27th  'Twilight Guard'
36th  'Marlburian'
49th Penal Legion 'Scipii'
53rd  'Guardians'
59th 'Cobalt Legion' MOTTO-"Ministrare in Officio, in morte quiescam" or "in duty we serve, in death we rest"
81st 'Trappers'
96th 'Jagers' MOTTO- "my Idem v takt nashey zhenit'sya pesni, vse blizhe I blizhe k nashey smerti, I vse zhe my poyem, RADOST BUDET SUVWRENNOMU!" Or "we march to the beat of our marry song, getting closer and closer to our death and yet we sing, JOY BE TO SOVEREIGN!"
101st airborne 'Broken Eagles'
102nd Alien Irregulars
103-109th Penal Legions
169th 'Blue Arms'
189th Alien Irregulars 'Bronze Legion'

(You can help me add to this too if you want, a special feature for each legion is required. The 169th 'blue arms' have no sleeves and blue warpaintbon the arms and face. The Penal legion 'Scipii' has roman like armoring and helmets. You get the drift)

Sovereigns Troops:

Infantry: A helmet shaped a little like a motocross helmet sits on their heads colored to the environment but without the mouth guard. A orange visor over the eyes and face mask underneath. A shirt with a solid colored torso and sleeves with a hem down the center of each, separating two colors. A Velkar vest (the more modern equivalent of a khevlar vest.) sits ontop. Some infantry Legions have elbow and knee guards with gloves. Several belts as other apparatus sit on the Velkar vest. A belt keeps up a pair of pants colored to the environment. Sometimes a legion will have combat shoes or boots, depends.

Airborne: The same as infantry but they wear a grey metal chests yard, metal shoulder guards, metal shin guards and metal fore arm guards. And they wear a full metal helmet with a round cranium and breathing tubes running from the mouthpiece. Sometimes they dive for miles before pulling the parachute and sometimes even further.

Armored: Armored Legions have Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Super Heavy tanks, Super Tanks and some infantry backing them up. Usually they are called in with a infantry Legion. Their soldiers look like the infantry legions but the vehicle operators just have the shirt. And pants with boots and usually no helmet.

Navy: Space faring or in sea they wear sleek white uniforms with Sovereigns symbol on the back. A black barret sits on their heads and they wear a pair of nice shoes. During battle they throw on the average Sovereign uniform but in White, Black and Blue.

Air Force: usually wearing an all grey jumpsuit with a sovereign symbol on their right shoulder.

The Taneech: The Taneech are a complex Alien race comprised of Castes. Here's as follows from important to commoner:

Noble Caste: usually they have crown shaped bones poking from the top of their head. Skin colored purple with lighter purple patterns. They make up the royal blood and usually take high council positions or officer ranks.

Technician Caste: the creators of the robot armies of the Taneech, they make up the main work force.

Warrior Caste: while robots are all and good, the Taneech soldiers have trained for over a hundred years before this conflict began and are very dangerous.

Scientist Caste: creators of some of the most advanced medical tech and medicine in the universe.

Worker Caste: The basic workers, farmers, Miners, and sometimes meat shields in warfare.

(More if anyone is interested.)
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Posts : 188
Join date : 2013-06-22
Age : 22
Location : Rochester Minnesota

Armageddon ( my original fiction universe) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Armageddon ( my original fiction universe)   Armageddon ( my original fiction universe) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2014 3:00 pm

The Taneech are a fish like ancestor on their planet, oporations in a caste system. They WERE a peaceful race compared to others and above all else, value research and technology. Usually human sized in appearance they have slightly longer arms and legs with three toes and small claws. They wear cloth garb with lavage designes, when wearing armor they normally have platinum plated alloys and clear tubes with their special strength enhancers.

The Arevor are, instead of the other races, feral and battle born. Literally. When a mother is expecting a child Arevor she battles n an arena the day before birth, supposedly imbuing the child with abilities to fight. If the mother wins the child is born to be brave, if not (quite uncommon) he is weak. Tattoos are placed on the Arevors lower back at birth, and every achievement of his is somehow added onto his body, first kill, adulthood, prowess. Everything. They have two large horns on the head and sometimes on the chin. Two very long, strong arms and a tail assists in fighting.

The Alphas, a more dominating and strong alpha race to the Arevor are their next up in command. They stand at least three feet over the average human. Long metal tendrils come out of the back of their heads and sharp teeth in teir mouths present themselfs.

The Shenka: The Arevors official leader or emperor. Upon taking the oath, after the last Shenka has dies, grows exponentially into a beefy, strong as toned figure with scales down the top of the arms and sides.
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Armageddon ( my original fiction universe)
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