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 Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership

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PostSubject: Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership   Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership Icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2014 2:10 am

so like, Geal was talking to me about weapons for this place and I brainstormed a bit, I don't have any intention of using any of these, idk, maybe you people would want them, anyway they were made by my character Sano's family back when they were arms dealers and for whatever reason were not destroyed or recovered blah blah blah, anyway approve/dont approve and decide amongst yourselves what to do with this pile'o'junk

Weapon name: Turbine Rounds
Description: An odd sort of bullet; although they are too long and wide for a conventional pistol these shells boast some unusual features, the tip of the bullet possesses parabolic shape with grooves complementary to the riffling of the gun they would be fired from, thease grooves use the drag of the bullet as it passes through the air (or water) to feed wind backwards to the base of the round. Toward the back of the shaft of the bullet is a strange retracting rotary turbine that deploys after the bullet leaves the gun, this turbine is somewhere between that of a steam-engine and that of a windmill in structure and is comprised of roughly sixty four tiny blades, roughly eight per groove in the shell itself. These turbines are not however connected to a generator but rather are attached to the bullet itself so that they can fully take advantage of the drag created by the shot’s spinning through the air.
Weapon special abilities: The turbines and grooves produce a curious effect in the aerodynamic properties of the bullet, firstly the structure allows the bullet to be hydrodynamic as well as aerodynamic, meaning that the shot dose not lose speed or stop all together when it would need to pass through water as many do. However a far more impressive aspect to these bullets is that as a bullet from a riffled gun rotates at an extreme speed when fired through the air the turbines themselves rotate against that air at even greater speeds, the effect is that the blades of the turbines effectively move at air-cutting speeds, similar to that of many swordsmen on the grand line. This makes the turbine rounds act less as bullets and more as moving blade-whirls of sorts, producing thirty-two air-slashes per round, which sustain continuously throughout the bullets path through the air. The other result of this design is that the head of the bullet warps the air in-front of it as it fires forward, causing a drill like wind of hyper-condensed air to form at its central most point.
History: One of the many custom built weapons designed by the famous but now missing Luna family of arms dealers, made to allow gunners mastery over the air on par with swordsman and outclass them in terms of air-slashes per second, as well as in the reach and volume of said slashing attacks. An invention of Edmond Luna in his younger years the turbine round was never sold and the blueprints vanished in to obscurity sometime after the arrest, escape and subsequent disappearance of Edmond caused by his son Sano. Uninterested in killing Sano attempted to hide away or destroy many of his fathers inventions later in his career but was unable to locate the initial design of the turbine rounds or their guns.

Weapon name: Tengu-gan
Description: A particularly unusual, compact but powerful personal firearm the Tengu-gan weighs under three kilograms but is only over fifty centimeters in length not counting its twenty five centimeter barrel, it features strait blowback, closed bolt action and loads very long fifty round detachable box magazine cartridges. The weapon itself resembles a sort of compact riffle that goes directly from butt to trigger to sight to barrel, despite its compact size it is barely small enough to be used with one hand to the point where inexperienced users may want to place their second hand below the barrel, as a small but functional secondary handle exists there. Its rather short barrel compared to a traditional riffle shows that this gun is intended for medium ranged combat rather than extremely long distance sniping (though an extremely skilled sniper may be able to deploy it as such with the right modifications and set-up). The gun itself is entirely mat black with a simple crecent moon carved in the very back of the gun.
Weapon special abilities: The only weapon ever designed to be able to handle the turbine round bullet. The tengu has an effective firing range of two hundred meters, a maximum firing range of one thousand five hundred meters and a simple cross sight (as it is too short range to boast a scope) The gun is also semi-automatic featuring a rate of fire fast enough to fire out an entire fifty round cartage in three seconds, giving it a nine hundred rounds per minute rate of fire but the user can also fire shots one at a time for more controlled combat
(stats based off the FN P90 personal firearm)
History: This gun, named after the tengu, a disruptive demon and harbinger of war the tengu-gan easily lives up to its name as a variable machine gun, it was however extremely labor intensive and materially expansive to create and so the project was ultimately deemed too costly to sell and so the blueprints were abandoned by Edmond Luna, however a prototype was produced somewhere in the laboratories beneath Luna manor, but this mysteriously disappeared after the raid on the property following the arrest of the inventor.

Weapon name: Lightning-cluster grenade
Description: A sub-mortar sized ball not unlike a firework in structure, once deployed this incendiary bursts in to a large number of smaller spheres, each of which is a sort of smoke-bomb like pellets, these scatter over a very wide area a distance away from the initial point of launch. These smoke pellets are however large enough to burst in to a thick, dense cloud of vapor which diffuses light and lingers in the air for a long period of time afterword. The pellets also contain small mechanical devices inside each, which deploys after striking the ground seconds after the smoke pellet’s deployment.
Weapon special abilities: The “smoke” is actually a complex compound of mineral rich vapor that has the strong scent of metal about it, this vapor dose function as a smoke grenade but secretly has the ability to conduct electricity at a very high level. The devices hidden inside the smoke are miniature tesla coils designed to have only enough power for a single charge, these coils go off at different times, so as to ensure a steady amount of powerful electric pulses through the entire body of smoke that persist until the smoke diffuses away. The smoke fills an area of roughly thirty by thirty by thirty meters for three posts (this is admittedly less then real time gas grenades), during each post the area experiences a wave of twenty thousand volts of electricity (to put that in perspective that’s about as much as a standard low-end stungun)
History: Originally created on commission by the Luna family for a noble family that feared a violent uprising and requested a means of crowd control. The vast commission costs for the weapon made designing an extravagant yet effective means of riot control very easy for the workshop but the finished product never made it to its destination as it was derailed by Sano Luna and the vast majority of the smoke grenades were destroyed, the blueprints as well as a single crate did however survive in an unknown location.

Weapon name: Thundercloud Launcher
Description: What resembles a personal mortar launcher one can carry on ones shoulder the thundercloud launcher is fitted with a shield like clear visor over the front which doubles as a sight for the weapon, it also has a wire loop that runs the length of the weapon, which roughly one thousand four hundred millimeters long, to hold more ammunition. The weapon weighs about seven hundred and eighty kilograms unloaded and would be extremely difficult for an untrained person of average strength to hold steady let alone use.
Weapon special abilities: The only weapon ever designed to fire lightning-cluster grenades, this weapon fires them one at a time and at a range of one hundred to four hundred yards (less than an actual grenade launcher)
History: Designed for the guards of nobles and world government officials to control the crowds if the revolution were to come early and instantly quell riots and stun large groups of poorly armed targets at once. This weapon never actually made it to the people who ordered it however as the shipment was destroyed by Sano Luna some years ago, however the thunder cloud launcher has recently resurfaced as a rare but effective on the grand line’s edge.

Weapon Name: Earth-shaker Sledge
Description: An oversized technologically advanced looking maul of a war-hammer that is clearly far to large and heavy for all but the strongest users to wield effectively, the sledge has a complex looking head with a single striking surface on one side and a long, thin, vent like port on the opposite side. Beneath the head is a thick but short rubber shock absorber leading to the thick, four foot long handle that has a turning grip near the top that slides with a sort of pump-action as the user swings the hammer downward.
Weapon special abilities: A complex, mechanized over-engineered version of an extremely simple weapon the inner workings of the sledge possess a large motor in the center of the head which accounts for much of its massive weight, this engine revs with the turn of the mechanism on the handle of the maul and powers an array of chambers inside the hammer, each chamber contains a weight off center to a large gear which spins independently of the other chambers, each of these chambers is suspended within a large piston that makes up the center of the engine. When the hammer is brought down the intense vibrations of each of the gears spinning the weights at extreme rates of rotations per minute, upwards of nine hundred rotations per minute each (put that in perspective, a small dc motor that can fit inside a child’s toy has one hundred rpm, these are obviously much larger), the piston pushes down when the hammer connects, causing the gear-chambers to collide with one another as the piston pushes them down against the striking head of the hammer. The result is a sudden, almost supernatural vibration that forces its way out of the hammer and in to the target. This causes an intense disruption in the structure of whatever the user hits as the vibrations penetrate throughout the body of the target and allow the force of the blow to radiate from within, dealing massive damage and effectively bypassing armored defenses.
History: Designed to mimic the effects of fish man karate like vibrating strikes and earthquake causing devil fruits the earth-shaker sledge lacks the grand scale of its inspiration but packs a more powerful “punch” to more localized targets. Designed by a creative yet undisciplined inventor on the payroll of Edmond Luna the concept was rejected as it was too large and heavy for mass production and as the collateral damage would be two high on the ground of the battlefield for a user to wield it and keep their footing the design vanished in to obscurity.

Weapon Name: Disarming Shield
Description: A long, full bodied blocking tool resembles a cross between a conventional tower-shield and a more contemporary riot shield, rectangular at the base and rounded at the top, the base of the shield is actually fitted with a stand so that the user dose not have to carry its hefty weight at all times. The shield is roughly six feet tall and three feet wide and covers an average person from one hundred and eighty degrees in-front of them, the stand also has wheels that deploy and retract with the press of a foot pedal. The handle of the shield can be pulled down and locked in to place, and can also be turned so that one could push it inward. The shield is made up of extremely dense black metal with a crescent moon logo on the user’s side just below the viewing hole.
Weapon special abilities: The shield actually contains an extremely powerful electromagnet, this allows it to attract swords, guns, bullets and other weapons from a very large one hundred and eighty degree ark in front of the user and affix them to the shields surface, effectively disarming attackers, once the handle is pressed in to the back of the shield the magnet switches to repulsion and fires out a strong pulse of electromagnetic waves that violently fires the metal on the shields surface back outward at high speeds. This deactivates the magnet for three posts before the shield can be reset. The shield itself is has a rubber lining on its handle and is made of a high grade of very thick steel.
History: Though it is unknown weather this item was designed as part of the same order as the thunder-cloud launcher or by the same designer as the equally large and impractical earth-shaker sledge is unknown Sano Luna deemed this defensive weapon too dangerous and dumped the few finished shields in to the ocean as a youth due to his distaste for unnecessary collateral damage.

Weapon Name: The fan of scales (glove)
Description: An unusual looking armored gauntlet made of interlocking scale like plates, resembling larger versions of those of a reptile or pangolin, these scales however line both the back and palm of the hand and go as far back as the center of the wearers forearm. Another peculiarity of the gauntlet is that unlike traditional “scale-mail” armor the scales flow forward, away from the fingertips rather than smoothly up the arm so that the sharp edges of the scales face outward like blades. Above the end of the scales on the underside of the forearm is a metallic cord that extends to a band worn just below the users elbow. The gauntlet is noticeably larger than a normal one in the sense that it makes the users hand look roughly one and a half times larger than it really is.
Weapon special abilities: Hidden beneath the scales are a mesh of metallic wire like cords that tie in to a simple mechanism along the users wrist, when activated by the cord worn further up the users arm these cables drop loose and extend causing the scales to effectively “leap off” the users hand, this can be in a forward “thrust” like attack if the user performs a sort of upon handed punch or a “swing” attack if the user turns their arm while deploying it. The result is a sudden rush of countless small scale like blades on the ends of metallic cords that fly outward from the users hand to cut or stab the target before retracting back in to place on the gauntlet after the attack is complete. All and all the gauntlet is a complex weapon to use but has a range longer than a standard katana and has a much larger number of cutting surfaces in a smaller size, making parrying the attack much more difficult whereas the user can easily block or catch weapons with the gauntlet.
History: Created for a collector of exotic weapons who has long sense died of old age the gauntlet is a marvel of mechanical precision and muscle powered flexible weaponry that is extremely dangerous in the hands of a master. Its complex nature makes it almost impossible to recreate, as it was intended as a single piece for a wealthy customer of the Luna family arms dealership. Inspired by weapons used in the far east blue where concealment is just as important as lethality.

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Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership   Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership Icon_minitimeSat Apr 08, 2017 11:55 pm

Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership Dead_Jiraiya_Approves_by_Blue_Ten

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Forgotten Weapons of the Luna family arms dealership
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