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 Flashback Thread: Nella tana della volpe (Cobdogred and Rodoku only)

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Flashback Thread: Nella tana della volpe  (Cobdogred and Rodoku only) Empty
PostSubject: Flashback Thread: Nella tana della volpe (Cobdogred and Rodoku only)   Flashback Thread: Nella tana della volpe  (Cobdogred and Rodoku only) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 12:33 pm

A regularly sized ship crossed the depths of the ocean. It hadnt been that long since it had departed from the Shabondy Archipielago. The ship was coated, which meant that it looked like a huge bubble was covering it. But this wasnt a normal soap or air bubble that usually formed inside water bodies, it was coated with the bubbles that emanated from the Shabondy Mangroves. This gave it a somewhat resistant, but elastic cover against oceanic pressure. The crewmembers that often founs theirselves covered by this strange substance frequently wondered if it would be enough to withstand the rage of those creatures that lurked in the dark; the cold shadows of the deep ocean that surrounded them, ready to crash them as if they were ants in its immensity.

The current voyage had been organized by two people that were in the ship, but who didn't own it. The first one and most responsible for this was Greim Glowheart. He was the Purple Heart Pirates' swordsman, and he had conducted the wholw research required to engage this trip into the unknown. It is often said that humans know more about the surface of the moon that about the depths of their own oceans, and Greim thought that this premise couldnt be more thruthfull. He had pestered many sailors and veterans from the seas in an attempt to narrow down the location in which the treasure he was looking for could be hidden: The sapphire blade. One of the famous Angel Swords that were rumoured in the areas very close to the Red Line. The one he had tracked down was said to be lost forever in the depths of the ocean, but narrowing down the location, Greim hired a team of skilled divers and underwater navigators to help him search the area. The second person was Bruce Megawhite, a massive fishman whose help in this mission Greim couldnt be more grateful for.

The ship was now getting close to its destination. Thwy were travelling through what seemed to be underwater canyons. Suddenly, the whole ship started creaking and producing some kind of grinding sound.

"We are losing control of the direction!"- they heard a yell coming from the navigator, who was steering the vessel.- "I can't steer it properly!!!"

The ship was being thrown around like a baseball by the extreme underwater currents. Greim had never experienced such a strenght of currents, not even the upstream in Reverse Mountain.

"MEN, GET A GRIP AND GRAB THE WHEEL!!!"- the captain started screaming and yelling out orders at right and left.

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Flashback Thread: Nella tana della volpe (Cobdogred and Rodoku only)
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