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 Slow Day at Work

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PostSubject: Slow Day at Work   Slow Day at Work Icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 4:01 pm

It was a nice, sunny day and Daul hadn't been given an assignment since he the incident in which he was almost executed and quite frankly he was bored. I hate days like this he said half complaining I need something to do and fast. Looking out the window of the tower he was in Daul suddenly felt an urge. He backed up a bit and all of a sudden he jumped out the window, diving straight down to the ground below landing on his hands and feet, much like a cat. Well that was only momentarily satisfying he said but I need something more exciting to satiate my boredom. Walking around looking for something to do Daul finds that he cannot figure out I guess I'll just go eat or something.

As he walked into the tavern he could see nothing but marines, no pirates, no bandits, no rebels; how boring. I suppose I am just going to eat. he said a bit grumpy. "What can I get you dearie?" asked a waitress as Daul sat down, Some tuna and salmon maybe a steak as well. Daul said not thinking about where he was. "Well I can get you a beer if you want but we don't sell those things here." she said laughing a bit. Oh right sorry then can I have some milk please? Daul asked kindly. "Right milk coming right up." As she gave him the milk she tried to strike up a conversation "Aren't you the one that everybody here calls 'the prophet'?" she asked with genuine curiousity. I don't really care for the nickname since it started out as a joke but yes I am 'the prophet'. he said as gulped down his. "So are you doin all the way down here don't you have a mission or somethin?" she asked as she took his glass and began to fill it again. Oh no I haven't had a mission in a while. he said while she filled his glass. "Don't take this the wrong way but why are you here then?" the waitress gave him the milk. I was about to be executed. said Daul drinking the milk again. "WHAT WHY?", she yelled as dropped a glass she was cleaning. I refused to kill a woman. "Well that doesn't sound that bad why were you about to be executed for that?" she asked cleaning up the broken glass. She was a well known and very dangerous pirate that's why, but I swore I would never hurt any woman or child, the government didn't take it too well so they tried to execute me. "How did you escape?" I didn't an admiral convinced the higher ups to let me go scotch free. Daul said as he helped clean the mess. "Oh that isn't necessary dearie, any way when did this all happen?" she asked throwing the pieces out "thanks for the help dearie." Well I just got released today and all that other stuff happened last week. Well I better get goin, here's money for the milk, have a good day. Daul said as he stood up and began to walk away. "You too dearie." said the waitress.
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Slow Day at Work
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