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 Anna Leah Drake

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PostSubject: Anna Leah Drake   Anna Leah Drake Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 5:38 pm

Name: Anna Leah Drake
Age: 16
Bounty: N/A
Species: Human.
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Allegiance: Neutral
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line
Appearance: Anna Leah Drake has red hair that is pulled up in two pigtails, but when it's down it reaches her waist. Anna Leah has emerald green eyes that are really bright, even more when she's excited about something (or anything really); and the eyelashes that surround her eyes are slightly long and of a light color, so they're not really THAT visible, unlike black eyelashes; her eyebrows are thin and light brown, for some weird reason, so they are more noticeable than the eyelashes. She has light freckles in her cheeks, but mostly when she's out in the sun... which is most of the time. She has a boyish figure, rather flat in the front; she has a small waist and slightly wide hips though, nothing too much since she's still young. She is rather small for her age, being around 155cm tall, something that also causes her to have a height complex, she hates being called shortie or anything like that. She tends to wear green cargo shorts, what are rather big for her thin body, but she uses a belt to prevent them from falling. She also wears a white sleeveless shirt, with a big oversized green casual vest.

History: Anna Leah was born into a family of great explorers, they had always taught her that exploring the world was something beautiful, and even if they never had the possibility of spending much time with her, in the little they spent they taught her the important things in life, manners and how she should care about other people, love them and everything. She has a love for nature, she always had, when she was little she would use to go out in the day and play around in the forest, but due to her love for nature she became somehow a tomboy, not like she cared about it that much though. She read a lot of books that were about treasures, so she decided that she would become a treasure hunter, the best one that is!

She went into expeditions in forests and things like that, but she knew that treasure hunters faced big dangers, so she decided to become strong, and the best weapon would be a bow and arrows! After all, it was pretty treasure hunter-ish, and Anna Leah loved it. She hated something about her life though, her name. It was so girly, it annoyed her. But she decided to not change it, after all it was the name her parents had spend so much time in deciding and it would be horrible if she changed it now. When she turned eleven, her parents and her moved to another island, Tesoro Island. They had decided that it was the new place, the place where they would explore and have fun, they told Anna Leah so, and she was extremely happy about it. She smiled at them and thanked them for loving her, it warmed their hearts. But the island was dangerous and she couldn't be out for much, her parents had to fight against horrible monsters, along with other people that had been there too, because they were a team. Anna Leah believed in them.

Soon enough though, they made the village, the one she would live in until she was 16 years old, it was prohibited to leave the village because horrible monsters would attack them and things like that, but Anna Leah wanted more, she wanted to discover a treasure and be known as one of the best treasure hunters ever. She is now looking for a treasure hunter partner so that she can leave the village and find the treasure that it is hidden somewhere in the island, which is still not explored.

Personality: Anna Leah is a tomboy, to the extreme, she doesn't like wearing dresses at all, more like she hates them, same with skirts. She loves playing around and making friends though, so she's the out going kind of person, she will say everything like it is, she might come out as rude and obnoxious but she doesn't really care about what others think about her, she smiles and has fun all the time, because that's what life is for her. She loves studying as well though, she loves history and that is why she decided to become a treasure hunter, treasures are part of history, and something from long long time ago, so if she finds them, she can know more about the history of places, and things like that. Although she loves dreaming too, and things like that. She doesn't care about love, maybe she will find it someday or not but it is not something that is in her head continuously. She likes people that are like her, people that don't lie and say things like they are. So that is why she doesn't have that many close friends, or none at all... But yeah. She loves her family even if her parents are always away in expeditions and stuff like that.
Special Abilities:
  • High Stamina
  • Resistance
  • Fast
  • Flexible
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Weapons/Items: Bow and arrows
Goals: Be a really good treasure hunter!
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Anna Leah Drake
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