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 Kill Deathgore

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PostSubject: Kill Deathgore   Kill Deathgore Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 3:01 am

Name:Kill Deathgore


Bounty:None (Freash from the factory)




Home Village/Ocean:Origeionally Born on Rotfest Island but was BUilt on Death Co Island.

Appearance:5'8 ft tall 220 pounds, Red spikey Hair and Black glowing eyes. Entire body is Robotic except his upper face. His Jaw is robotic as well. Wears red shirt and Black pants and boots stained with blood. Wears golden Bracers. Weilds a Two handed Giant Saw Cleaver. Has A Mystifiyed expression on his face when people think they cant beat him and laughes uncontrollable as he kills and devors enemys or innocents,.

History:A A CHild Kill would often eat anthing he could find bugs frogs spuders. He just loved to eat stuff. No surpise sense he was a chubby child. As he Grew old he would love to eat meat he loved it. Slowly starting off in the Mercenary busness Kill excelled. One day after killing his prey looked at there body with a empty belly. He was at elast 4 days away from civilization and he couldnt bare the thought of Starvation. He didnt what no normal man would. He started to eat the dead man. Swallowing the uncoked fleash as the blood splashed between his teeth and his gums. Kill coulcnt stop he just kept eating and eating. Ever sense then he would eat any human he desired.Then he eventually became afamous Mercenary on Rotfest Island. He was known for eating his victims after killing them.Deathgore the Cannibal was feared by all. He would go on many killing raids throut the villages in ROtfest. Some called his the Swamp moster others called him the Red bandits but all hated Kill. He loved his women ,Alchoal, MOney and would do anything in his power to fullfill his basic desires.Until he was betrayed by one of his nakama. Hedrious grew to fear Kill overtime and eventually he feared for his life. When Kill was busy killoing villages Hedrious found an opening and Used his Mace knocking Deathgore out with a hard blow to the back of his head and then he was Sent to Death Co. Hedrious was paid a huge sum for the sickopath he brought in.There they chopped up his body and turned him into a cyborg. They were nice enough to put in a few extra functions For Kill and even fuel his new body on his favorite foods.Who is fueled on Raw Flesh and Blood. Carver was then sent to The Blood Deamon Pirates for a Large sum. There Kill Deathgore would Bite Derge and Suck up some of his blood into his memory banks there the blood would stay keeping Kill under Derges control. Kill was Excited he had heard of the Blood Demon Pirates and was ansious to get started.

Personality:A Serious violent type. Who will joke around with you even though he might be killing you. Hes programmed to serve his new owner so obeys him/her no matter what. Will go at great length to kill a target.Hes all about hurting people in anyway weither its mental physcial or but anyother means. Deathgore loves belli spednign it on prosetuts or buying himself some Fishmen children to eat alive. He Eats HUmans normally anything else he considers a delicacy.


Ship Flag:Unkown[/b

[b]Special Abilities:

Redirect powers. Able to redirect his abilites.(Example Redirects body Blades so to his stomach to help chew up food)
Blood Desiases : Able to use give enimes Hiv and any other kinda of blood transmitted desieases
Element Devor:After his Upgrade Kil Deathgore acan devor any element and convert it into energy
Stronger skin: Infected with dino mutation user gains Hard armored Reptillan skin. on his fleshy human parts
Death Co System's Control: Deathgore can hook up to the Death co terminal to interact with the current host.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1)Crimson Lazor Beam. :Shoots a lazor beam fused with blood for crimson color. (Its basically a normal lazor beam with a cool color =) )\
2)Body Blades. Activates his Bodys Saw blades to cut people who attack him.
3)FInger Drill. Drills His fingers into peoples bodies.
4)Devor. Opens his mouth extra wide for a huge bit or to swallow whole.Restores users energy charges to full.
5)Left shoulder Heat seeking Nitro glicern Missle launcher: MIssles with a heavy consentration of nitro glicer inside.
6)Reapair Insects: Tiny robot insects that flyout of his body to do repairs on his body takes 1 post for minor repairs 2 for moderate repairs and 4 for heavy duty repairs
7)Left Hand Cold Lazer: A COld Lazor Powered by Liquid Nitrogen. User can only fire 10 lazors per thread before having to purchase or make more liquid Nitrogen.
8)Right Hand Hot Lazer: A Hot Lazer Powered By the elctricity in the users right arm.Hot enough to melt through most metals. User can only use 1 Hot lazer at time. Takes 10 post to get a high enough charge to fire and resets electrical charges
9)Right Shoulder Pluse Lazer: A Elecrifying Lazer fied from a gun in users right shoulder that disrupts the signals from a persons brain and shocks the enimes for 1 post.Takes Five posts to charge and resets Elecritcal charges.
10)Body Jets:Uses Powerful Jets in users arms and legs to move faster and fly.
11)Self Destruct: User can explode any part of there body by activating the nitro glicerine within.
12)SHockwave Missle: Fires from left heat seeking missle launcher. The missle creates a unique explosion on impact senking out shockwaves within a 2 foot radias of the impact. 2 per thread.
13) Seastone Liquid Lazer: FIres a Liquid lazer that harden's into solid seastone on impact.
14)Anitgravity Field: Can go from super ass heavy to hella light in an instant.
15) Worm Hole: First it mark one area with its Eye scann then creates a worm hole here and to that area. It works like the door fruit only they cant stay in a worm hole too long

Weapons/Items:Butcher Saw Blade &M41A an assault rifle that uses 10 mm caseless ammunition and is fitted with a pump-action grenade launcher

Character Flaws:Weak agasint Metal And Blood Logia and Anyone Who kills him lol. He needs to eat 1 HUman a day otherwise cannot make any attacks

Goals:To Eat his Fill and kill everyone who oppose his new master.
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Kill Deathgore
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