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 The KuroInu (Blackdog) Vice Admiral Saizo's Warship

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The KuroInu (Blackdog) Vice Admiral Saizo's Warship Empty
PostSubject: The KuroInu (Blackdog) Vice Admiral Saizo's Warship   The KuroInu (Blackdog) Vice Admiral Saizo's Warship Icon_minitimeFri Jan 13, 2012 5:58 am

Name: KuroInu (BlackDog
Type: (Battleship)
Captain:Mitsukai "Tekkan Ryouken: Iron hound " Saizo
Crew:The Bloodhound Pack
Flag: (Navy flag with a metallic pawprint beneath it)
Features: (4 masts, 13 cabbins, 5 floors, 25 rooms , kitchen, bathrooms, sick bay; briefing room mess hall, Seastone brig , full stock and provisions as well as munitions, (a treadmill like device to supply cannonballs so the vice admiral has them at the ready to pitch at enemy ships,( A massive naval warship sporting 4 masts and 30 cannons. The KuroInu is the personal flagship of Vice Admrial Saizo, and The figure head is the head of a large metallic bloodhound to identify is as the ship of the “Iron hound”. The hull is the standard navy blue with black stripes. Emblazoned on the proud white sails Is the navy’s crest in blue and a large metallic dog paw print beneath. In the center of the deck on either side of the central mast A treadmill like machine is set up and filled with cannonballs the design was put into the ships plans by the Vice admiral himself in order to optimize the frequency of his baseball cannonball pitch technique)
History: (The KuroInu started out as a navy standard issue fleet battleship until the Vice Admiral got a hold of it convincing the navy shipwrights to make the modifications and customizations to make the ship his own. The KuroInu has gone through many repair jobs and was recently restored to its original pristine contition a year ago when Vice Admiral Saizo accepted his promotion from commodore to his current position. The 30 cannon fleet battleship is a force to be reckoned with, and when islanders see it sailing by they say that the “Iron hound” of the east blue is on the hunt.)
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The KuroInu (Blackdog) Vice Admiral Saizo's Warship
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