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 Ahab Boomer DELETED

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PostSubject: Ahab Boomer DELETED   Ahab Boomer DELETED Icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 3:49 pm

Name: Ahab Boomer, "The Three-Legged Beast"

Age: 76

Bounty: 2,000,000 B

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain, Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate, The Bad Hip Pirates

Home Village/Ocean: Pinacolade Island, South Blue

Appearance: In his brighter days, Ahab had what would be considered beauty. He had the muscles of a well trained martial artist and a jet black hair that could grow as long as Ahab desired. He was almost 2 meter high and weighted almost 100 kilograms, a defined beast. Now, after almost 50 years, his body changed, drastically.
Now, Ahab reached up to only 1.80 meters because of his crouched posture, and weights less than 70 kilograms. He lost most of his muscle mass, leaving only core muscles to power his strikes, and his skin turned from beautifully smooth to unbelievably wrinkled. He lost every bit of hair that he had on his head, and his hair is now limited to his elongated eyebrows that break out of his face's frame, and his long white beard that reached his waists. He has a pair of blue eyes that gained a fainted tone as the years gone by, and his entire body is decorated with marks of old age. He is missing about 4 teeth and his remaining teeth are old and dented.
As for clothing, Ahab wears a white sleeveless shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt. His right sleeve is usually folded to reveal the tattoo on his right shoulder. Over that, Ahab wears a brown cape that is tied to his neck like a scarf. He wears a pair of brown bermuda pants that reach slightly below his knees, and a pair of old wooden sandals on his feet. His cape has a hood that can be pulled on in cold climates. On his neck, Ahab carries a medallion that has a picture of his old crew stored inside it. He carries his cane at all times, even when he's sleeping. The cane is 1.5 meters long. In addition, Ahab used to have a tattoo of a fancy-dressed lady on his right shoulder. As he grew older and his skin grew wrinkled, the tattoo now looks like a tattoo of an old lady instead of an attractive one.

History: Ahab was born in the small island known as Pinacolade island in the South Blue. The island, because of his small size and relative distance from any marine bases, was a vacation attraction for pirates who looked for some rest. As a result, the island was filled with different motels and tourist attractions, one of them being owned by Ahab's family: The Boomer Inn. The Boomer family had greed, and their businesses were the most important thing to them. After having 12 children, with Ahab being the seventh, the parents start to care less. Ahab's life started off as normal, though he did have a weird liking for pirates.

One day, when Ahab was 6, his family's motel was visited by a famous pirate crew around the South Blue: The Sunshine Pirates. The crew offered the family a deal: A free room for every of their crew members, for life, and in exchange, they will use their fame to make the inn famous. The parents were thrilled by the unbelievable opportunity, and quickly assigned the job to Ahab. He was supposed to join the Sunshine pirates and be incharge of advertising the inn.

For the first few weeks, Ahab took his role seriously, handing out fliers and what not, but as the weeks flew by, he realized something amazing: HE WAS A PIRATE! It was time to live the life he adored so much! To become a pirate! He couldn't let the opportunity slip, he could be returned home at any moment, he had to prove he had what it takes to be a pirate.

For the first few weeks of trying to prove himself, Ahab cleaned the ship and took most annoying chores on him, but he hated doing these things. He was more interested in the frontier, where the magic happened, where fists were handed out, where devil fruits sprouted, where blood was spilled! He realized he had to prove something other than his cleaning skills to get to the frontier: His strength. This task wasn't easy for a six year old, but that wasn't going to stop him. He spent his days washing the ship, and his nights watching the crew as they practiced their fighting skills. He was interested in the captain the most. The man, known as George Sunshine, outmatched the entire crew with his unbelievably powerful kicks. He tried imitating the man, until one night, he was caught by George. He thought that that was it, he was going back home for copying off the captain, but in actuality, George liked what he saw: spunk. "Hey there, Sunshine Jr." He said, and from that day forward, Ahab was George's official student, protegee, and favorite.

The years passed, and Ahab grew older. He turned into a martial artist, and earned the title: The Two-Legged Beast. He took part in some significant piracy acts, including the crew's departure to the Grand Line, a few thefts and murders, and he earned his own fame and titles, along with a respectful bounty. He was living the dream, he was a pirate! and a damn good one too! But it all exploded when George died, Ahab was 27 back then. The crew was disbanded after the death of the captain, and Ahab was forced to settle in a small island in the Grand Line, where the crew hid their beloved ship. Ahab was too attached to the ship, and settled in the island to protect it from harm.

The island was filled with mountain bandit gangs, which made Ahab's protecting job much harder. He spent his years fending off the bandits away fro the ship with his intimidating fighting skills, allowing him to maintain his strength for the duration of his life. He liked that life style, it was comfortable, yet exciting and surprising, just like he imagined pirate life to be. Sadly, while his years passed, he watched the world changing under his feet. Crews rose and fall, and he was following it all with the news papers that he got form the village.

Until, one day, he couldn't believe what the paper said: NEW SHICHIBUKAIS! And whole lot of them! That was absurd! That wasn't piracy! That was everything BUT! Back in his days, they used to hang people for cooperating with the WG! He had to do something! He had to teach these youngsters a lesson, a lesson in piracy!

Personality: Ahab is a senile old kook. His old age makes him quite blind towards new ideas and life styles. You could say he is trapped in the old times, when politics and piracy had no connection at all. He is arrogant, greedy and a slight womanizer, although his old age stops him from achieving this goal. He likes rambling about the past, and he has an entire arsenal of stories prepared for any occasion, being completely unaware to the fact that he is the only one who finds them interesting. He can be considered slightly insane, though old age does that to the best of men eventually. He tends to take no situation seriously and often jokes around with no sense of humor to back him up. He lives by a certain mentality that is associated with the old days of piracy: If you like something enough, you should be brave enough to take it, the hell with the outcomes!
Other than that, Ahab tends to be quite forgetful and naive, and he pretty much despises anything that is too different from what he used to know back in the days in his opinion. In addition, Ahab believes that the only way to teach someone anything is with a steady hand and a heavy stick.

Ship: Young Spirit

Ship Flag: A bald Jolly Roger, with elongated white eyebrows and a long curly white beard. Behind the Jolly Roger, there is a pair of crossed canes instead of swords.

Devil Fruit: None

Special Abilities:

Sharpened Fighter: After spending years at sea, fighting and training, Ahab became an expert martial artist, specializing in kicks. During his retirement years, Ahab would have lost every bit of muscle that is capable of fighting in his body, if it weren't for the lousy location that he settled in. He managed to maintain his skills by having to defend himself and his property against the threat of mountain bandits, carrying his fighting skills to his current old age. His kicks are capable of breaking bones, a shadow of his boulder-breaking kicks he had in his youth.

Trileg Style: Back in the days, Ahab used to terrorize his opponents with his lightning fast and rocket powerful kicks, but as old age finally caught up with him, Ahab lost some of his spark, but that doesn't mean he can't kick. By giving up on the use of his hands in combat, Ahab gains a third leg to kick with: his cane. By combining his expert foot work, that he managed to maintain from his youth, and the use of his cane as a weapon, Ahab can pull some impressive attacks and maneuvers, that would even put young martial artists to shame.

Navigation Skills: As a veteran pirate, Ahab sailed through significant parts of the Grand Line and the Blues, allowing him to memorize them and being able to navigate to them. Since his memory is kind of blurry, his navigation isn't always perfect.

Old Dog's New Tricks: As the old man he is, Ahab usually gets tired after using his fighting skills and style. To prevent that, he came up with a much more advanced fighting style, fitting his current age. This style involves the ultimate arsenal of dirty tricks that an old man can pull. By acting as a senile old grandpa, Ahab can usually take care of any unsuspecting opponent without any effort.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Old Dog's New Tricks:

Trileg Style:

Weapons/Items: A fancy 1.5 meters long steel cane

Character Flaws: Ahab is old, bordering the very-old. As a result, he is not the man he used to be. His eyesight and hearing are far from ideal, and he definitely needs glasses although he refuses to wear any. While he can stand on two, walking on two is a harder task and he needs his cane to do so, but he covers that disadvantage with his creative use of his cane. Although he is not as strong, flexible or agile as he used to be, he is far better than average, and is on par with expert martial artists in the fields of strength, speed and agility. Ahab's old age makes him forgetful and quite naive. His will to bring back the old days makes him blind to new things. In addition, his blurry senses may lead him to unwanted incidents.

Goals: Teach the foolish young generation what true pirates are like!

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PostSubject: Re: Ahab Boomer DELETED   Ahab Boomer DELETED Icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 9:56 pm

This fella seems pretty strong, but I think the flaws (and overall character coolness) warrants it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ahab Boomer DELETED   Ahab Boomer DELETED Icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 10:51 am

A failed captain, DELETED
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PostSubject: Re: Ahab Boomer DELETED   Ahab Boomer DELETED Icon_minitime

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Ahab Boomer DELETED
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