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 DeSangre Désirée

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Cryptic Terror

Cryptic Terror

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PostSubject: DeSangre Désirée    DeSangre Désirée  Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2011 2:38 pm

Désirée "Dark Serpent" DeSangre  




Creepy Stalker >_>


Home Village/Ocean:

-5'11, slender, muscular build.
-Slightly bronzed skin
-Long, deep raven hair
-Golden reptilian eyes with a luminescent quality

DeSangre Désirée  C10



Gleaming pools of luminescent emerald followed his movements from behind a pair of crossed spears.  
"That's close enough." One of the guards holding a spear barked at her, while the other holding the twin spear glared down at her coldly.  
Why didn't they understand? They had played together every day as children years ago, when bloodlines and ceremony didn't matter... the innocent world of a child.  They had not really played together every day - only once, but over the years, she had managed to convince herself that they had.  She wasn't sure why he was leaving or if she would ever see him again.  He didn't know she was alive, but she remained oblivious to this fact.  

She reluctantly departed and started to move toward the harbor.  She turned over her shoulder to catch a final glance at the treasure she would never obtain.  A sudden gust of warm desert wind tossed silken strands, the colour of sun-kissed wheat, over her bronzed shoulders. The same wind gently tugged a white scarf away from his nose and mouth, tossing it gently in the air. Her steady gaze, studied his perfect face for the last time as her hand moved up to catch the wind-tousled scarf.  Marching guards and shifting crowds enveloped her final glance at him.  She held the scarf tightly, bringing it to her face .  She inhaled deeply, the intoxicating scent taking her breath away. This scent, she would never forget so long as she breathed.  She would find him again... she would not allow him to slip though her fingers again.  Sadly, no one ever taught her that she could never lose what she never had.  


Désirée had once been heiress to her true home island.  It was a shadowy place near the end of the world but it had always been peaceful.  Her family had ruled the the small island for many dynasties, always adhering to a strict isolationist policy that had always kept them off the radar of the World Government and the rest of the world, for that matter.  They had their own military structure as a paranoid measure to make sure the rest of the world was kept oblivious to their existence.  

It would happen that a neighboring islands fishing boat happened upon their island.  This island had close ties and dense occupation without the permission of the king, the general of the army imprisoned the occupants of the fishing boat and scheduled them for execution.  When the king discovered this, he was furious. The occupants of his island only wanted to be left alone, but they were not murders.  This was too far. The king demanded release of the prisoners.

At dawn the following day, the general had organized a military coup and had the king executed along with the fishermen.  Désirée's mother took her infant child and fled to as far as geography permitted.  At the opposite side of the world is where she landed, on the island of Arabasta.  She knew they would not wander so far to find her.  There she settled and remarried a royal guardsman of Arabasta's royal family.  

Désirée was too young to know about her former life and identity. Her true name was Amunet, Désirée a pet name given to her by her father after she was born and "DeSangre," a only description for what's she's come from - from blood.  The guardsman Snefru had always been her father.  When she was still quite young, Snefru because one of the personal body guards of the young prince Anubis.  Sometimes Désirée would follow her father and catch passing glances at the young prince who was only a year older than she was.  Once he noticed her lurking and they played together for a day. It was the best day she could remember.  Her over protective mother never let her play with any other children. The royal family discovered this and frowned upon their young prince playing with commoners, and so it was forbidden.

Désirée was heartbroken that the one friend she ever had, even for a day, was taken from her.  She soon developed an unhealthy infatuation with the prince who had been taken from her.  She learned to be very stealthy so she could catch glances of him every day.  She knew she could not play with him or allow anyone to see her or her father's job, and likely his life would be in danger if she were caught disobeying the royal family. Her movements became well practiced with precision and silence.  She watched the prince play every day, living her childhood through him, watching all the fun she would never taste. She because obsessed, seeing him as an extension of a phantom existence she invented for herself.  Though she only watched from the shadows, she convinced herself that she played with Anubis every day.

Many years passed, and her infatuation only got worse.  She was horrified and confused when she learned of Anubis' imprisonment.  Her relief at his relief was only short lived.  As one of his personal guards, Snefru was associated with Anubis and was executed by his brother Mashidi. Her mother simply disappeared... maybe he was killed or maybe she fled.  Either was, there was nothing left for her in Arabasta.

She left, determined to find Anubis one day.  She wandered around from various ships to islands, always searching.  Her years of watching Anubis granted her skills that allowed her to find work as a spy and a an assassin.  One particular assassination granted her payment with a devilfruit and a ship.  This new asset has been terribly resourceful in her hunt... she is very close now.

Ruthless hellcat, set on a single goal.  She will do anything to find her target and will open any throat that will get her closer to her goal.  She will charm who she needs for as long as necessary.  Every action taken is a contribution to a single culminating endeavor or locating a specific individual.  Sadly, she wouldn't know quite what do do with herself if she ever managed to catch him.

Obsidian Dragoon

Ship Flag:
Death adder and cross blades

Devil Fruit:
Kage Doa Kage Doa ni Mi


The user can use shadows as teleportation points. This is similar to the Doa Doa no Mi but more limited. There is no alternate dimension as an intermediate point. To teleport, the user must dissolve into one shadow and can only appear in another shadow. After the use has emerged completely from the shadow, they are free to walk about in light. The user can also disappear and "hide" in a shadow. The user cannot interact with the shadows as in the Kage Kage no Mi; they are merely doors and hiding places to the user.

Special Abilities:

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Bladed three pronged boomerang
Snake-headed tractable short-spear on cable with envenomed fangs

Character Flaws:
Psychotic obsession with Anubis which causes her to lose sight of having priorities or a reason for existing in general.

Find her treasure target, Anubis, and capture him with a large net.

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PostSubject: Re: DeSangre Désirée    DeSangre Désirée  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 5:55 am

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PostSubject: Re: DeSangre Désirée    DeSangre Désirée  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 11:36 am

"Occupation: creepy stalker >_>" ...
Cant help it, had to say this, sorry 'xD

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Cryptic Terror

Cryptic Terror

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PostSubject: Re: DeSangre Désirée    DeSangre Désirée  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 2:23 pm

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DeSangre Désirée
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